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Atlanta: Edge City Case Study

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Michal Szymanik

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of Atlanta: Edge City Case Study

Atlanta: Edge City Case Study
Atlanta's Edge Cities
Atlanta's Metropolitan Area includes four Edge Cities:
Perimeter Center
There are also Gwinnett Place Mall Area which is located outside the city's metropolitan ring and Hartsfield&Jackson which is sometimes considered to be an edge city due to its economic importance.
Map of Atlanta
What is an edge city?
An edge city is an area where commerce is concentrated, but it is outside a traditional downtown area(like Manhattan in New York City). Edge cities usually consist of a large number of business establishments, entertainment venues and shopping centres. But some of them may also include a residential area. The term 'edge city' was coined by Joel Garreau, an American scholar in his book titled Edge City:Life on the New Frontier.
What factors prompt a creation of an edge city?
Generally speaking jobs are being moved to the suburbs, leaving the inner cities behind.
In case of Atlanta there was one more important factor which played a key role in forming the edge cities. People moving from the the North of the US back to the South (mainly African-Americans)

What is so particular about Atlanta?
Atlanta's Edge Cities are particular in a sense that both Black and White communites live together and generally peacufully. During the 60s of the 20th century, the Civil Rights Movement branded Atlanta as the city which is "too busy to hate". This is still true today and Atlanta's Edge cities are its best example.
What is also interesting about the edge cities in Atlanta is the fact that they were the places of emeregence of the Black-middle class.
The city of Atlanta
Atlanta is considered a global city the term coined by a Duth Sociologist Sakia Sassen. That means that it is important for the global economy. The urban area of Atlanta is populated only by approximately 450 thousand people,but the metropolitan is inhabitated by approximately 5.5 million people. Atlanta is an important economic hub and a crucial travelling point as it has the busiest airport in the World handling around 98 million passengers every year.
The area of Midtown Atlanta is a center of arts in the city. It consists of a large number of theaters, museums, and also it is the place where institutions of higher education are located.
Woodruff Arts Center
Bank of America Plaza
It is the most expensive residential area in Atlanta and one of the wealthiest area in the United States.
Apart from that it is also an important economic hub with plenty of Fortune 500 companies having their headquarters there.
The Sovereign Building in Buckhead
Perimeter Center
Is another of Atlanta's edge cities and it is mainly a center of business but it also has some residential and recreational areas
Similarly like others is a place where businness are located and various venues of entertainment.
For example, The Home Depot has its headquarters there and it is also a location of the Atlanta Opera.
The Atlanta Opera
The headquarters of the Home Depot
What do you know about Atlanta?
Atlanta was a home city of Martin Luther King Jr. and also in Atlanta Coca-Cola drink was discvored.
Thank you for your attention ;)
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