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English Rhetorical Devices Presentation

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aneesah abrahim

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of English Rhetorical Devices Presentation

What is Rhetoric ?
-To refresh Rhetoric is defined by Aristotle “as the ability to discern the available means of persuasion in any given situation” ” In other words; it is simply the ways in which we try to persuade a given audience for a given purpose

Appeals to Logos
Logos is appeal based on logic or reason. Writers and speakers appeal to logos by offering clear rational ideas

Logos appeals are more based on reason, relying on the hard facts rather than emotion

English Rhetorical Devices Presentation
An Exploration into the study of effective speaking and writing and the art of persuasion
Now, Writers and speakers use rhetoric to convince readers and listeners to do something or, to think something.

In rhetoric one must divide form and content. That means With the art of persuading an audience, how someone says something is just as important as what one says
Common Examples
When a politician tries to get you to vote for him

When a lawyer tries to move a jury

When an advertisement tries to get you to buy something

When the president is giving a speech
The Rhetorical Triangle
Appeal to Pathos
pathos is the use of emotion to persuade your audience (appealing to their emotional needs)

it is an appeal to human emotions such as desire and passion, within the audience/reader
this includes appealing to the readers/ audience needs such
- Physical needs (food, water, sleep )
- Social needs (status, power, freedom, approval)
- Psychological needs (love, affection, respect)

And essentially it includes the considerations of the values and belifs in the audience that will ultimatley move them to make action

These two ad's are very pathos driven as they are made specifically to appeal to the audiences emotional side

In the first ad, you see a pictures of what
appears to be a helpless puppy all alone,
the advertisement appeals to our emotions by
showing us an image that we can strongly
empathize with

How are these images Pathos orientated ?
How does this appeal to Logos?
It appeals to our logical/reasonable side of thinking and it persuades the audience to want to buy the car by giving a logical argument

as well as appealing to reason and logic. We can see this though the excessive use of data, statistics, and research of the car on the advertisement
This appeals more to logic and reason than to emotion
its conveying a very straight forward message
This appeals strongly to your emotions
smoking doesn't look so good when its next to someone in a hospital dying
Another example would be when a lawyer claims that his client is innocent because she had an alibi, that too would be an appeal to logos because it is logically inconsistent for his client to have been in two places at once.

ethos is what is referred to as the character or authority of the speaker/writer, it involves there trustworthiness and the credibility of the speaker/writer, so is the speaker/writer dependable, are they knowledgeable enough that we can trust he/she in what there saying?
Appeal to Ethos
If Rachel Ray wanted to tell us how to make linguini pasta, we would probably just implicitly assume that she knew what she was talking about. After all, she has built her ethos in the sense of authority by demonstrating her cooking abilities everyday on nationwide television, cook books and through other forms of media.
Ethos can be used effectively in used in this context by Rachel Ray because she has a immense credibility for being a great cook, and because she's so critically acclaimed, we as an audience would trust her cooking if it came down to it because this woman on television, thus she has to be good at what she does.

For example
However, if a random stranger on the street wanted to tell us how to make chicken pot pie, we would probably first want to know what gave this person the authority to do so, like is this person a chef? do they cook frequently on a daily basis? are they any good? What makes them qualified to show us?
Such a person would probably lack the character component of ethos because of the fact that there a stranger that we probably have no form of connection with, thus no sense of who they are as a person
The rhetorical triangle, is an image that represents the balance of all three appeals, that a writer should use for an effective argument. Aristotle described the three main forms of rhetoric to be Ethos, Logos, and Pathos, and Each of these appeals is as important as the others and too much of one, and , will likely produce an argument that readers will either find to be unconvincing or, will cause them to stop reading
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