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We Are All Made of Molecules

No description

Simren Sekhon

on 1 May 2018

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Transcript of We Are All Made of Molecules

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We Are All Made of Molecules
The second connection being a text to media connection about what we learned in The Four a while back. The difference of sexual harassment and flirting is a very important thing for a person to know and understand. In the book, Jared tried to sexually harass Ashley even when Ashley had made it very clear that she didn’t want that happen. Ashley however later misunderstood the situation with Jared by him just flirting with her, which clearly was not the case. However thankfully she realized at the end of the novel by Jared’s horrible action. If Ashley knew who Jared really was by his actions, then it could have prevented many events from happening like the New Year’s Party, Stewart getting suspended and the horrible comment of Phil made by Jared. I feel if the more people knew and understood the difference about sexual harassment and flirting, it will be much more better.

I truly loved reading this book and I would rate this a 7 out of 10. I would also definitely recommend this book to others, mostly people around my age. I think the reader will really enjoy the book as much as I did, since the story talks about very important and meaningful life lessons, relatable situations like moving and the story is split up in a girl and guy perspective, which shows a much more deeper understanding throughout the novel, which most stories don’t really have. Susin Nielson showed issues and problems which everyone should not do, since it ends horribly with awful consequences. The only one thing I didn’t exactly like was how Stewart was a little overrated character with more of the main spot light than Ashley. Overall I really did enjoy reading this book even though I wouldn’t have picked it out myself, Now you can go read the novel, We Are All Made of Molecules.

Thanks For Listening!
By: Simren 8I
Plot and Settings
The novel, We Are All Made of Molecules starts of in Vancouver where 2 completely different people; a nerdy boy and a bratty girl’s worlds collide when Leonard Inkster and Caroline Anderson start dating causing Leonard and his 13 year old son Stewart to move in with Caroline and her 14 year old daughter. Stewart is a nerdy, caring, socially awkward and mentally gifted boy, who is being optimistic about moving and having a sister, even when he is going through the loss of losing his mother to cancer and has to leave her molecules and memories in his old house. He even gets a cat named Schrodinger to help him with the loss. Ashley on the other hand is a bratty, popular and self-centered girl, who is extremely unhappy about the move and is rude to the two Inkster’s, mostly Stewart. Because of Stewart’s incredible academic performance, he gets bumped up a grade in Borden High, causing him to be in the same grade with Ashley, making new friends like Alistair and Violet, having a crush on a nerdy and kind girl named Phoebe and having lots of drama with a popular guy named Jared Mitchell, who got expelled from his old school and Ashley having a huge crush on. The whole drama and climax start off during a New Year Party at the Anderson’s household. The whole deal that Stewart and Ashley made with the adults were to have a few friends over like Alistair, Phoebe, Violet, Lauren and a couple more of Ashley’s friends. Ashley ended up inviting Jared to her small party. However he brought a few of his own friends, who had alcohol. Ashley told Jared that she can’t invite them in because she would get in trouble from her parents. Jared peer pressured Ashley into inviting them with the alcohol causing her to under age drink and Jared sexually harassing her. The whole drama doesn’t stop there, there are many series of events that occured after this major climax. The kids of community ended up creating a protection group, which was for students who didn’t feel safe around Jared in the school halls of Borden High, the name ended up changing into We Are All Made of Molecules which means everyone is made up of molecules, it doesn’t matter what your position is on the social ladder everyone is the same and should be treated equally.
After reading the novel, I made two connections. The first one being a text to world connection about Peer Pressure. Peer Pressure happens almost everywhere, classmates or acquaintances pressure someone into something, the person doesn’t want to do or doesn’t feel comfortable doing, but they still get forced into doing it anyways. The same thing occurred with Jared peer pressuring Ashley into doing many things she didn’t want to do, including under age drinking, which caused many more dramatic events to occur. If Ashley had refused to the peer pressure that was happening to her, the events like the New Year Party could have been prevented, however they weren’t prevented from happening. If more people refused to the peer pressure and if other people stood up for them, maybe peer pressure would be less common, and less likely to occur.
There was one part of book that really stood out to me, which was when Stewart was extremely sad over the loss of his mother. Stewart said “Whenever we get rid of something else that mom loved, I feel like we are letting a bit of her memory die. I feel like we are betraying her, Dad especially. I want my dad to be able to move on with his life. I want him to be happy with Caroline. But I don’t want to ever forget or stop loving my mom”. This was a sad part of the novel, showcasing Stewart’s feelings about the whole move and Leonard dating Caroline. Even though Stewart was shown being optimistic and happy, he was still griefing over the loss of his mother, which was a extremely difficult task to do.

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