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Week 13, Lecture 1 - Independent Reading and QAR

No description

Megan Brown

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of Week 13, Lecture 1 - Independent Reading and QAR

Provide time to read
Provide a rich array of reading material, the incentive to read and a place to read
Assist students in selecting material
Establish and maintain an independent reading program
Encourage out-of-school reading
"Is Being Wild About Harry Enough?"
Independent Reading
Student Discussions
How should readers respond to literature?

How should we help?

Is there a right way?
Next Class:
No class - April 6
Sign up for office hours on Canvas
Read Writing articles
Work on Case Study (due April 13)
Hand in early!
Hand in paper version of all documents and digital version of just the paper
Poetry Module open (due April 13)
Promoting Literature and Reader Response
Literature Circles
Book Club
Reading Workshop
Teacher sharing time
Self-selected reading and response
Students' sharing time
Independent Reading
Reader Response
What do you think?

What does independent reading look like?
Write in your Bird by Bird Journal

Take some time to process your semester
Make sure you have a question about Locomotion written for each Tier of QAR
Intro and questions
Practice using QAR
Book promo
Discuss Article
Talk about independent reading
Preview next week's work
What is it?

How is it used?
Questions that look at information in the book and in the students' minds
Question Answer Relationships
Types of Questions
Tier 3: Author and Me (Between the book and my head)
Tier 1: Right There (In the book)
Tier 2: Think, Search, Find (In the book)
Tier 4: On My Own (In my head)
Choose a section in Locomotion to use for your comprehension lesson
Write up an activity with a pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading activities

Create four or more questions that will work with your activity.

Write one question on each post-it note (let me know if you need more)

Put the questions on the wall in the QAR section that they match
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