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10.2 Lesson 7: The Enlightenment and Revolution

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John Taylor

on 3 November 2017

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Transcript of 10.2 Lesson 7: The Enlightenment and Revolution

From Enlightenment to Revolution

Changing Idea:
Relationship Between Ruler and State

3 Ways Enlightenment Ideas Spread
Salons (high society parties)
Old Idea:
The state and the people exist
to serve the monarch
New Idea:
The state exists to protect
the rights of the people
Atlantic Ocean
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
Mary Wollstonecraft
Main Idea
Enlightenment ideas inspired American colonists
to fight for independence from the British
Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
Bill of Rights
America's "break up" letter to England
written by
Author/politician from Virginia
He said, "All men are created equal," but he owned many slaves. WTF?
First 10 amendments to the Constitution;
guaranteed personal liberties
Changing Idea:
Colonial Attachment to England

Old Idea:
Colonists view themselves as loyal subjects of the King
New Idea:
Colonists declare independence because they are being "abused" by Britain
AKA "The Seven Years' War"
Boston Tea Party, boycotts against British goods

1787- Americans create a new CONSTITUTION
Answer some questions!
1. Where did the earliest Enlightenment thought begin?
2. How did Enlightenment ideas get spread around? (3 major ways)
3. To where did Enlightenment ideas spread? Give two examples.
Answer some questions!
1. Why did the British begin taxing the colonies in the first place?

2. What were the 3 founding documents of the United States

3. List 3 Enlightenment ideas did Jefferson & Co. steal from the philosophes and put into America's founding documents.
I will describe how and to where Enlightenment ideas spread during the 1700s
Learning Goal #1

I will explain why colonists in America revolted against Great Britain
Learning Goal #2

I will list the founding documents of the United States, and show their Enlightenment origins
Learning Goal #3
Coffee Houses and Pubs
Books and Pamphlets
The "Encyclopdie", compiled and published by Denis Diderot in 1751.
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