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Mobile Phone Operating Systems

A look into what software can be found on mobile phones.

John Young

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Mobile Phone Operating Systems

Mobile Phone Operating Systems Android Palm Web OS Iphone OS Operating Systems - Os Phones OS Android is an operating system that focuses on customization. It is made by google. Unlike some companies it does not make the hardware or phones. There are phones made by Motorola, htc, and Samsung. Phones Os
Palm Web Os is a operating system that is based on web experience and multi-tasking. The multitasking is like no other phone. There is no need for a task manager like on other phones. Phone Iphone OS
Apple is also like palm, it makes it own software and hardware. The iphone as a very nice and pretty music player. The way the web is diplayed is very good. It was also close to the first touchscreen smart phone like it, because of this people could use this as a comparison or standard to all phones. Apple also as a big application (app) store. Didn't bother listing blackberry because it focused on business to much for me.
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