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News Broadcasting

No description

Kaitlin Hardin

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of News Broadcasting

Broadcast Journalism
By: Kaitlin Hardin
I try to do stories that make a difference - stories that affect the way people think, stories that people need to hear - and usually what drives me is to do stories about people who have no voice, people who have no political power, people who are overlooked by society.
-Ann Curry

Why I chose this topic?
I chose this because there never seems to be dull moment and its fast paced just like my personality.

I mentored with my student teacher Ms. Courtney Brown.
Marshall University

I did a 2 minute news packet for WMUL radio at Marshall University.
What is Broadcasting Journalism?

Famous News Anchors

Job Description
Ann Curry

Matt Lauer
Careers: News anchors, News analyst, and News correspondent
Long, irregular hours.
Great amount of pressure to meet deadlines.
Bachelor's degree in mass communications or journalism.

Minor such as business administration or political science.

Classes: Television journalism and production, news writing and reporting, ethics, photojournalism,and mass communications.
requires superior communication skills, extroverted personality, and a high tolerance for criticism.
William Page Pitt-Founder of journalism and mass communication at Marshall University.

Texas: $70,710
Illinois- $85,640
California: $94,290
New York: $95,470
Florida: $112,350
Health Benefits
Job Duties
SAG-AFTRA-diverse national labor union. (Screen Actors Guide-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)
News analyst : examine, interpret and broadcast news from various sources.

News Correspondents: report on news occurring around where they are stationed.

News anchors: Present news stories which could either be live or recorded.

-Fair treatment in each aspect of the working environment.

Job Outlook
In 2006 there were 67,000 correspondents, analysts, and reporters.

Broadcast news: 7,700 reporters and correspondents.

2016: 68,000 news analyst,reporters, and correspondents.

8,000 broadcast analyst, and 68,00 reporters and correspondents.

Works Cited

Marshall University has a radio station for students- WMUL Radio, 88.1.
Mass Communications- 1854

The Dublin Daily Express-1898

KDKA Radio( 1920)

Network Organization- 1930

Broadcast funding increases-1934

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