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Computer Mouse

No description

Rai Gratuito

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Computer Mouse

First, let's talk a little about computer.

1837 the first mechanical computer was proposed.
Charles Babbage, an engineer, inventor, mathematician, and a philosopher.
Designed the analytical engine and the basic framework of the computer today are based on.
Parts of the computer,output devices.

Screen (usually LED backlit)

Output device that displays the information being processed from the computer.

Auditory device

Enables the user to hear the media being played on the computer.

Headphones maybe also be used.

Input devices

Any hardware that sends data to the computer.

Input Devices like:
Letters, numbers, shortcut, commands, hot keys and symbols into the computer.
Invented by Douglas Engelbart in the 1960's.

Originally made to navigate his oNLine System (NLS).

Pointing device, input device or a hardware

Click drag and manipulate the specific object on the screen.
Core Processing Unit

Computer’s core where everything is calculated and processed.
Mice Variations
Mechanical mouse
A mouse that has the X and Y position indicator
with the metal ball.

Optical mouse
The sensor is comprised by photodiodes or image sensor then emits a red
colored light.

Wireless mouse
Takes advantage of its the wireless capability and the dongle acts as the
transmitter replacing the cord.
- Bluetooth
Bluetooth technology are presented with

Laser mouse
Precise and efficient. The first mice made use of an in infrared sensor which
eliminates the need of light.

Edrian M. Gratuito
August 2014
Project Description
Interactive CD

Importance of a mouse

Inform and demonstrate its functions and uses

Computer users age 15 to 22

Providing them with an interactive CD
The proponent shares the knowledge about the topic from how the will the mouse make one's life be more productive, the importance, usage and limitations of a mouse.

The medium used by the proponent is an interactive CD that will showcase the mouse that act as one of the important part of the computer.

The medium will allow the user to interact and know the importance of a mouse, also includes mini games and information about the mouse.
Project Objective
The Project seeks to:

1. Inform about the importance of the
computer mouse.

2. Present the use of computer mouse
navigational tool.

3. Appreciate the computer mouse as an
important hard drive in a computer.
Theoretical Framework

Uses and Gratification
Target Audience
Male or Female
Ages 15-22 years old
Class A to C
Computer Illiterates
Audience, Beneficiary and Market Profile
Target Market
Computer Enthusiasts
Computer Novices
Target Beneficiaries
Computer Rental Owners
Small time Computer Rentals
An Interactive CD about Computer Mouse
Prototype mouse that was created on 1960's
The body is a wooden box
Single button on top.
Two disks on underside, for the horizontal and vertical axis.
The mouse today has different varieties.
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