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No description

Nicola Weston

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of ADP

hello The role of reflection in creating professionals The Purpose Learning Involves reflection Workplace Teaching My Education What How Kolb's learning cycle used Passive learner
Teacher as expert Experience Student Learning is:
1) Assimilation
2) Understanding
3) A process We build meaning by working with our own experiences
Experiences are variable Knowledge Testing knowledge
Learning as a commodity Skills to learn
The process The teacher doesn't exist in the workplace Reflective practice -
Knowledge only has real meaning when linked with experience
Schon Experiential Learning Understanding Surface Deep Superficial Making
sense Making
meaning Tranformative
learning Learning means:
1) Knowledge in action
2) Flexibility
3) Integration In academic writing
personalisation is
discouraged Relativsim accessible
(Perry, 1960) Evidence-based teaching Two pronged approach Reflection
accessible when
challenging But..... needs direction, needs transfer reflection is not only a process of learning but an art in developing good learning behaviour Contexts of learning need to be similar Action research
Evidence-based policing
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