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The giver society vs. our society

No description

Nunu Page

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of The giver society vs. our society

The government controls most of what happens, nut the people just dont realize it yet.
There is a very small group of scientists that are working on genetic engineering.
As in the book, which was written in third person, both societies discover how shallow their communities have become.
Differences: the giver
There is no genetic engineering, and all the babies are made from various DNAs
People caan only see black and white besides the giver and Jonas
Everyone has brown hair and brown eyes except for Jonas,his adoptive brother Gabe and Fiona
All kids are given assigned names,jobs,and families
The government/society controls everything and even listens in on your conversations.
Differences: our society
Though babies are still made from various DNAs, it is not controlled.
People can see color because of the sciences of our eyes.
Because of the various DNAs, everyone has different colored hair and eyes.
Though kids cannot chose their names they can change it as they get older. They also have the right to get the job of their choice. And the families they have, they are born into, not selected.
Though the government controls most things, we still have our own rights.

Summary for the Giver
The Giver is a utopian society and gradually appears to become dystopian.( Jonas is selected to to be the new reciever of memory.) The society has eliminated pain and strive by converting to sameness. The reciever of memory is the person who stores all the past memories. When Jonas meets the reciever, he is confused.
The giver society vs. our society
Summary of our society
The United States is a western culture and has been developing since long before we became a country. Today the United States of America is an ethically and racially diverse country. The US has been thought of as the melting pot due to the extent of American culture. There are many integrated but unique social subcultures within the US.
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