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Principles of Multiplication

No description

Marissa Anderson

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Principles of Multiplication

Third Grade Math
Marissa Anderson
November 22, 2015
Professor Jacqueline Pilkey

Students will recognize the principles of multiplication.
Measurable Objective:
The students will independently be able to apply the principles of multiplication from 1x1 to 12x12 with 80% accuracy.
Interpret products of whole numbers, e.g., interpret 5 × 7 as the total number of objects in 5 groups of 7 objects each. For example, describe a context in which a total number of objects can be expressed as 5× 7.
Goals and Objectives
Image by Tom Mooring
Standard 1
Principles of Multiplication
Determine the unknown whole number in a multiplication or division equation relating three whole numbers. For example, determine the unknown number that makes the equation true in each of the equations 8 × ? = 48, 5 = _ ÷ 3, 6 × 6 = ?
You can do it!!
Sarah’s sister birthday is coming up. Sarah wanted to buy her sister something special with her own money for her birthday. Sarah decided that she wanted to buy her sister a present. Sarah does not know how much the present would cost, but she decided to sell candy to her classmates to come up with the money. Help Sarah to figure out how much money she raised to buy her sister a present.
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