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Percy Jackson Cell Analogy

No description

Vivian Tran

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Percy Jackson Cell Analogy

The cilia/flagella are like the vans because it transports the demigods to battle in Manhattan in the same way that cilia/flagella movies the moves the cell.
The cell membrane is like the Camp Half-Blood Borders because it keeps out monsters and mortals and allows demigods in. This is like the cell membrane because it controls what gets in and out.
Camp Half-Blood Borders
The nucleus is like Dionysus because he is the director of the camp in the same way the nucleus controls the cell.
Luke (teacher)
The ribosome is like Luke, a teacher, because he teaches demigods sword fighting so they can become heroes, which is the "protein". The ribosome produces protein.
The Oracle
The Golgi Apparatus is like The Oracle because it sends demigods a mission and "packs" who goes on this mission in the same way that the Golgi Apparatus packs and secretes proteins and lipids.
The Harpies
The lysosome is like the harpies because they clean up the camp in the same way that lysosome cleans cells by breaking down old organelles.
Percy Jackson Animal Cell Analogy
The cell wall is Peleus, a dragon because it helps guard the camp and the barrier in the same way that a cell wall supports and protects the cell membrane.
Mess Hall
The mitochondrion is the mess hall because it provides energy for the demigods in the same way that the mitochondrion provides energy for the cells.
The rough ER is like the arena because it helps the demigods become hero in the same way that rough ER makes proteins.
The nuclear envelope is like Zeus because he controls what drinks Dionysus, the camp director, can drink. Dionysus is not allowed to drink wine. Likewise, a cell membrane controls what enters or exits the nucleus.
Golden Fleece
The nucleolus is like Chiron because he trained demigods that became teachers, which are the ribosomes. This is like the nucleolus because it makes ribosomes.
The Greek gods and goddesses
The chromatin is like the gods/goddesses outside of Camp Half-Blood because the gods' DNA are contained in the demigods in the same way chromatin contains DNA.
The smooth ER is the Golden Fleece because it cured the poison on Thalia's Pine Tree in the same way that smooth ER detoxifies poison.
The vacuole is like the cabins because it stores the demigods' food and water in the same way that the vacuole stores food, water, and waste.
The cytoplasm is like Camp Half Blood because it is the place where all demigods live, so it surrounds them. Likewise, the cytoplasm surrounds all the organelles in a cell.
Camp Half Blood
The chloroplast is like the nymphs because they cook the food that give energy to the demigods in the same way that chloroplasts converts light energy to chemical energy for the plant cell.
By Vivian Tran
The cell diagram is a picture of an animal cell because it does not have a chloroplast or a cell wall like a plant cell does.
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