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Become a Sourcing Ninja

No description

Liz Voldan

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Become a Sourcing Ninja

Become a Sourcing Ninja: Earn your Boolean Black Belt with Glen Cathey
Information Retrieval
Information Retrieval is the science of searching for documents, and searching relational databases and the Internet
Sourcing is so much more than creating Boolean strings-it's about information retrieval.
To be a good sourcer you must think properly and learn to ask better questions
Something to keep in mind- why do people use LinkedIn?
Creating Diversity through Boolean
The average recruiter is using 3-5 word searches. This is not specific enough. We can search up to 3,000 keywords on Linkedin--utilize it!
Utilize LinkedIn to search gender, ethnicity, or region

Need Active Job Seekers?
Many of us utilize LinkedIn to search for passive candidates. However, LinkedIn can also be used to find active job seekers as well!

Try searching these terms:

(seeking OR seeker OR “looking for” OR “in search of” OR “open
to” OR “new job” OR “actively pursuing” OR “pursuing new” OR
“searching for” OR “new opportunity “OR” new opportunities “OR
“available for”)

Information Retrieval
Creating Diversity through Boolean
Searching for Active Job Seekers
Agile Sourcing Methodology
Implicit Searches
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