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Fruits & Veggies

Microteaching prezi for CCHS on 4.22.10!

Melissa Ellison

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Fruits & Veggies

Fruits and Veggies I. Botanical names for Vegetables
(parts of the plant from which they come) A. Tubers- potato B. Bulbs- chives. onions. garlic. leeks. shallots C. Roots- beets. turnips. carrot. raddish D. Stem- asparagus. celery. mushroom E. Leaves- brussel sprouts. cabbage. chard.
greens. lettuce. spinach. watercress F. Seeds- beans. peas. corn G. Flowers- artichoke. cauliflower. broccoli H. Fruit- cucumber. eggplaint. tomato.
pepper. squash II. Flavors A. strong- cabbage. brssel sprouts.
turnips. cauliflower. onions B. Mild- most all vegetables III. Nutrients Iv. color V. Forms VI. Nutrient Contribution VII. Principles of Cookery VIII. Selection and Buying IX. Care and Storage A. Water Content- fruits. stems. flowers. leaves tomato. celery. broccoli. lettuce~ all very juicy and succulent B. Starch- tubers. bulbs. roots. seeds potato. sweet potato. lima beans. corn~
starchy vegetables A. yellow~ Vitamins A, B, C, and calcium B. White~ Vitamins B, C, iron, and calcium C. Red~ Vitamins A, C, thiamine, and iron D. Green~ Vitamins A, B, C, iron, and calcium fresh
(only when in season)
frozen or
dried Chlorophyll
Vitamin A, C, and B
Proteins A. Goal
B. Nutrient loss
C. Amount of water used
D. Length of Cooking Time
E. Method of Cookery A. Canned
B. Fresh
C. Frozen
D. Dried A. Refrigerate & Examine
B. Tubers & Root Veggies
C. Canned Veggies
D. Frozen Botanical Names for fruit A. Pome- apple. pear. kiwi
B. Drupe- peach. nectarine. apricot. cherry. plum
C. Berries- raspberries. strawberry. grapes
D. Citrus- grapefruit. lemon. orange. lime
E. Melon- casaba. cantaloupe. watermelon
F. Tropical- banana. mango. pomegranate. avocado. pineapple
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