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The European Union

No description

Miriam Tyson

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of The European Union

The European Union (EU)
CRCT Book pgs. 142-143

27 European countries are members of the EU.
The EU came together because, together, they were more of a powerful force than if they were just alone.
Look at the chart on
pg. 142 in your CRCT Book.....
What do you notice about the the EU and the U.S.?
Your Assignment:
The EU makes all countries, even the small ones more competitive in the world market.
Think about a football team....would the football team be stronger and more powerful with a lot of players or just one player?? Well....the EU is just like...they are football team of Europe! :)
What do you notice about the GDP between the EU and the U.S.?
Which one has the most people?
Read and complete CRCT pgs. 142-145

(You can work on this when if you get done with CRCT pages.)
The Timeline of when European Countries joined the EU....have a look... (click the picture to see it bigger)
Why was the EU created?
1.) To make Europe more competitive in world markets.
2.) To improve trade and make free trade zones
3.) They can vote in elections and laws even if they aren't citizens of that country
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