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Market Me Media App Sales Deck

Market Me Media App Sales Deck

Jaron Ray Hinds

on 12 July 2014

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Transcript of Market Me Media App Sales Deck

WTF Do I Need An App?
Templates Available but,
Most Prefer Custom
Reward users for their in-app activity.
Customizable Badges
Check-in Rewards
Share-to-Unlock Content
Golden Tickets
We’re tracking user behavior inside our apps and show reports on most everything they do.
Downloads by Platform
Session Time
Push Analytics
User Location
Most Popular Sections
Music & Commerce Sales
Unique Visitors
Tier 3:
$499/mo or $4899/yr
Tier 2:
$ 299/mo or $3199/yr
Tier 1:
$99/mo or $1199/yr
In case you have been in space the last 10 years;
Now 60% of all cellphones are smartphones
The average adult spends more than one hour using their smartphone a day
The average person checks his/her Facebook 14 times a day on their smartphone
PHONE INTIMACY is the definition of the fact that our smartphones don't leave more than three foot of our body, 97% of the time!


Market Me Media has a simple way to build and customize mobile apps and update content anytime.
A Social Brand Hub.

Your app connects your content
with your global audience,
across iOS, Android and mobile web.

Select from dozens of beautiful design templates,
or choose to customize your own.
Our apps keep users engaged on mobile.

Camera Features
Location Enabled
Top User Leaderboards
Calendar Integration
Highly Social

Either Your Mobile, Or Your Not Going Anywhere.

Select from dozens of beautiful design templates,
or choose to customize your own.
Trusted Partners
Full Partner List
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