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Mr Debulas Travel Agency

No description

Donnella Aldrich

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Mr Debulas Travel Agency

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Dr. Debula Travel Agency Venice, Italy Tokyo, Japan Cairo, Egypt Day one Leave Orlando International Airport, transfer at JFK International in New York. Pick up by tour bus Transfer to hotel. Overnight in Cairo. Day Two Breakfast at hotel Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza. Enjoy free camel and horseback riding around the Great Pyramids. Day Three Visit the ancient capital of Egypt, Memphis, Sakkara, Step Pyramids of Zoser. Take the sleeping train to Aswan. Overnight in the sleeping train THE END bY Annalise, Jasmine and Donni

And the 'A' you're going to give us! Embarkation on the river Cruise before lunch.
Visit of the High Dam, and Temple of Philae
Enjoy a felucca ride to Elesphantine/Elephantine Island, Aswan's largest island
Nilometer, used to measure the Nile's water level and view of the Akha Khan Mausoleum.
Overnight in Cruise
Day Five Breakfast on board.
Cross the lock, Cruise to Luxor
Dinner on board.
Overnight in Cruise.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel Pyramids of Giza Felucca Nile Cruise Nileometer Day FOur Breakfast at hotel.
Sail to Kom Ombo
Lunch on board.
Tour the Kom Ombo Temple dedicated to two of the Pharoah Gods, Sobek and Haroeris.
Cruise to Edfu,
Visit The Temple of Horus in Edfu
Overnight in Cruise.
Temple of Kom Ombo Edfu Temple Day Six Breakfast on board.
Disembarkation from Nile Cruise,
Visit the Necropolis of Thebes and Valley of the Kings.
After lunch, visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and the Colossi of Memnon.
Overnight in Hotel
Luxor Valley of Kings Day Seven Breakfast in Hotel
Visit Temple of Karnak and Temple of Luxor.
Drive to Hurghada.
Overnight in Hotel
Colosi of Memmnon Hurghada Day Eight Breakfast in Hotel
Snorkeling or diving off the Sharm Reef
Visit the Snow White Beaches.
Overnight in Hotel.
Sham Reef Day Nine Breakfast in Hotel
Transfer to Sharm El-Sheikh Airport
Fly back to Cairo.
Transfer from Cairo Airport to the Hotel.
Overnight in Hotel
Day Ten Breakfast in Hotel.
Visit the Egyptian Museum.
Lunch in a local restaurant.
Visit the old Islamic Cairo, Mohamed Ali Mosque and the Citadel built by Salah-el-Din.
Visit Coptic Cairo to visit some of the oldest churches of the world.
Visit the great Plaza and shopping district in Old Cairo, Khan El Khalili.
Overnight in Hotel
Day Eleven Breakfast in Hotel.
Transfer to Cairo International Airport.
Arrive in Orland International at 7 AM. Egyptian Museum Egyptian FOod Weather Expenses For a family of four
Flight; $3,313
Admissions $114
Food $250
Transportation $400
Hotels $600
Total : $4, 677 Day One Burano
Museo del Merletto (lace museum)
Day Two Murano
Museo Vetrario (glass museum)
Basilica dei Maria e Donato Day Three Torcello
Famous viking island with parks and food Day FOur San Michele
The famous cathedral and archtectural beauty Weather Mon; Sunny 73-57
Tues; Cloudy 75-57
Wed; Partly Cloudy 73-58
Thurs; Sunny 65-39
Fri; Sunny 72-51
Sat; Sunny 72-50
Sun; Partly Cloudy 70-62 Expenses flights $2,354
admissions $60
food $320
transportation $300
total $3,034 Day One Visit the observatory deck on the 40th floor of the World Trade Center, for panoramic views of Tokyo
40-minute boat ride from Hinode to the Asakusa pier on the Sumida River
Asakusa Kannon Temple (also known as Senso-ji), the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo Leave Orlando International Airport at 5 AM,
arrive in Tokyo at 6 AM the next day. You will be staying at the Sumida View hotel. Day Two Visit the Japanese Capitol (House of Parliament)
stop and shop in the plaza in front of the Imperial Palace
Nakamise shopping street, Tokyo famous resteraunt/shopping street
World-famous Ginza shopping district Day Three Sushi making and traditional Japanese cooking class Day Four visit the famous sumo wrestling ring
Visit the Studio GhibliMuseum (anime museum) learn hopw to draw and animate characters Day Five Visit Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi, where you can bathe in the hot springs and relax with a hike. You leave the Tokyo International Airport at 12 noon and arrive in Orlando at 2 PM the next day Expenses transportation $160
flights $4200
Hotel $457
food $170
total $4,987
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