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the concept of Pbox and the example of the red and white .

bouarada abdou

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of ICX Flow By AIESEC BARDO

The ICX flow I-What is the sales preparation stage? What is the sales preparation stage? The sales preparation stage consists of targeting the right companies or associations that might be interested
by the EPs we propose according to
their specific needs. What is Delivery? The outline II-What is the relationship
management stage? III-What is Selling? IV-What is Delivery? V-what is Re-raising? This part includes Market Research and analyzes, segmentation,marketing plans, etc What is the relationship
management stage? The Relationship management stage is divided into three processes :
Selling process
Re-raising What is the selling process?? This process consists in selling the services we offer . Our mission here,is to convince companies or association's that they need the trainees (called EP) we have ,for an internship(TN) to bring a foreign experienced person to work with . Do you understand now ? Our journey is now over moussaillon ... This happens trough an interview with the company representative ,in wich we try to get a contract. Matching service and learning Delivery This process is divided into to main parts: To match is to find the perfect EP profile corresponding to the right internship. Once the contract signed, comes the service and learning,in which we look after :
Intern preparations
Intern reception
Integration into the LC
daily ask about the EP inside and outside the company what is Re-raising?? Here comes the Re-raising part,in which we pretty up the work and the reputation of Aiesec in the eyes of companies leaders ,with the purpose to work sustainably together. The ICX Flow
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