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The Kidney Family

No description

Léo Toussant

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of The Kidney Family

The Kidney Family
Our Firm
-Location : Annecy

-CIO : Zanese Romain
Toussaint Léo

Turnover : 20 billions/year

Creation : septembre 2001

1st business of kidney

The Kidney
What is it ?
Where is it located ?
Kidneys on sale
The child kidney (10 000$)
(clean, not really used)

The sportsman kidney (15 000$)
(as new, big capacity, guaranted 40 years)

The old kidney (4 000$)
(cheaper, useful for old people)

Exlusive Kidneys
The alcoholic kidney (30 000$)
(great capacity of alcohol, very strong, very resistant)

The smocking kidney (40 000$)
(guaranted 10 years of intensive « cigarette break » )

You can also rent some of our kidneys :

-The old kidney and the child kidney.

Price :

100$/month for the two kidneys.

Kidney rentals
Ponctual use:

( you can rent the alcoholic kidney for your holiday)

Why rent a kidney ?
Lower price

On the dead body

We buy some of them on people in financial difficulties or people who wants to do money

(it’s well paid)

How we found this kidneys ?
Thanks for listening
(If you want to sell your kidney you’re welcome to our compagny)
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