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The Elements of a Short Story

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Jackie Soltz

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of The Elements of a Short Story

Some famous short story writers are...

1. Washington Irving
2. Edgar Allan Poe
3. Mark Twain
4. Shirley Jackson
5. Flannery O'Connor
6. Rudyard Kipling
7. Roald Dahl
8. Grace Paley
9. Alice Munro
10. Jorge Luis Borges

A brief piece of literature
Evolved from oral storytelling traditions
Shorter than a novel
Longer than an anecdote
About 1,000-20,000 words
Has one main event
Focuses on one theme
What is a short story?
These Are The Five Things
A person who takes part in the action of a story
The eyes through which we see the story
Two types of characters:
character is complicated and develops
character is simple and static
Has traits like: fun, smart, sad, hopeful, etc.
The Elements of a Short Story
5 Elements of a Short Story
1. Character

2. Setting

3. Plot

4. Conflict

5. Theme
Fill in the blanks on your graphic organizer while we listen!
"The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson
Let's use Jackson's classic short story as an example. I'll follow the link below and you read along on your papers. As you follow along look for the 5 elements and annotate the story!
Gives a context to the story
Sets a mood or tone
May help to reveal more about the characters
Creates a picture in your mind

Types of Settings:
Parallel Universe
The story's pattern of events
It's how things happen
Cause and effect
Leads you through the important parts of the story
Moves the story forward

1. Tessie Hutchinson
2. Old Man Warner
3. Mr. Summers
4. Bill Hutchinson
5. Mr. Harry Graves

The main characters in "The Lottery" are ...

The setting of "The Lottery" is...

It is a "clear sunny" summer morning in a quiet village. School just let out for the year. It seems to be an earlier era in the U.S. All the villagers know each other; it is a close-knit community.
The plot of "The Lottery" is ...
The plot of "The Lottery" is ...

1. A village of 300 people joins together on a perfect summer afternoon.
2. The school children gather rocks.
3. The men come together, followed by the women, until families are all standing in the square.
4. Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves join the square with the old black box.
5. Mr. Summers mixes up the names of all the villagers in the box.
6. Tessie Hutchinson arrives late.
7. The villagers draw from the box.
8. Mr. Hutchinson is discovered to have the mark.
9. The Hutchinson family draws and Tessie is selected.
10. The villagers stone Tessie to death.

The main problem between elements of the story
Creates tension
Causes a need for resolution or closure
Two types of conflict:
Creates doubt for the reader

The Basic Models of Conflict:
Person against person
(Harry and Voldemort in
Harry Potter
Person against society
(Katniss against Panem in
The Hunger Games
Person against nature
(Brian and the wildnerness in
Person against self
(Junior and himself from
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian)
The conflict in "The Lottery" is...
person versus society because when Tessie Hutchinson is picked, she refuses to accept her family's fate. The reader starts to question what the lottery is for and our opinion of Tessie is tested.
What the author is trying to tell you
Is inferred
May be revealed in a character's action, the mood of the setting, the tone of the story, etc.
Most longer stories and novels have more than one theme
Often includes a moral

Common Themes:
Overcoming adversity
Family comes first
Sacrifice for friends
Change versus tradition
Death is inevitable
Evils of racism
The main theme of "The Lottery" is...
the danger of conforming, or going along with the group. Tessie Hutchinson is late to the lottery, seemingly excited for it to begin. It is only after her name is drawn that she is against the lottery. Also, as the other villagers debate whether the lottery should still be held, it is the older members who continue to stand by the ritual. The tradition of the lottery is so ingrained in them that they have lost sight of its cruelty.
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