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7th grade Scientific Method

Intro. to Life Science

Adam Barney

on 3 September 2010

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Transcript of 7th grade Scientific Method

Chapter 1: Solving Problems in the World of Science State the Problem
in the form of a question Gather information
what do you already know?
how can you find out more?
how can you "test" your question? Form a Hypothesis
what do you think will happen? Perform an Experiment
Independent Variable (what you change)
Dependent Variable ( what you are measuring)
Control (source of comparison) Analyze data
graphs Conclusion
hypothesis accepted or rejected Real World Example What effect does poor hygiene
have on getting a girlfriend/boyfriend? What do we already know?
people that smell really bad normally don't do well the ladies/guys
wearing the same shirt every day for a week, results in B.O.
not wearing deodorant results in B.O.
showering daily removes bad smells
What else can we find out? (use of internet, books, etc.)
B.O. is a result ofbacteria growing on the body
bacteria breaks down protein into acids
How can we test this? Experiment:
Two classes of 7th grade boys do not shower, put on deodorant, or change their shirt for a week (INDEPEDENT VARIABLE)

Two classes of 7th grade boys DO shower daily, wear deodorant, and wash their shirts (CONTROL)

We MEASURE the number of girlfriends found within each group (DEPENDENT VARIABLE) From our results:
15 boys from CONTROL group found a girlfriend
3 boys from IV group found a girlfriend Conclusion: Hypothesis accepted
naturally smell good
already had a girlfriend
social aspects
etc. Bad smelling group will
have less girlfriends than control group
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