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Assiment Task 2

TPP 102

Lauchlan farley

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Assiment Task 2

Double click anywhere & add an idea Education Beginning Read Spell Listen Write Behave Coordinate Comprehend Socialise Analise Interests/ Aspirations Sport Knowledge Soccer Ping pong AFL Basketball Whats The Meaning of Life What Can I Achieve How do i Achieve what i want Athletics Representative Soccer Representitive Basketball Representitive Footsal Representative 800m/cross country Communicate Prioritise HELLO Earn Millions playing Sport What do i want in life High school Subject interests Shalom college Ancient history Physical education Science What now? Couran Cove (Gold Coast) GSO (Bell Boy) Maintainence check Government Support Youth Allowance Rent assistance Bachelor of sport and exersice science(education) Bachelor of education/Bachelor of science Classroom / Field experience Similarities Qualification to teach in secondary schools 4 years Both sucessful credited unversity's Differences USC provides Expanding courses (Medicine) USC $4290 a year SCU 4935 a year $645 a year differnece Undergrad degree Work and recieve payments Congratulations USC Here comes Lauchlan Farley TPP Achievement Ambitions Comprehension Time Management Research Skills Library OP 15 Marine Studies Math Biology Chemistry Physical education English Health physics Science SOSE Health Qualities Gained From TPP Time management Research Skills Imformation Sourcing Information Identifying Relevant from Irrelevant Future Aspirations To Help Others learn To Teach Succeed in my Studies Learn Educate The Dream Life Experiences Life Lesson Overall Picture Eearn a living on $60,000
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