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Knights VS. Samurai

No description

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Knights VS. Samurai

Knights VS. Samurai
Knights and Samurai are both famous warrior classes. Knights were known for their gallant "Code of Chivalry". Samurai were notorious for their exceptionally impressive skills in battle. These warrior classes are different and similar in many ways but are ultimately parallel in their purpose and work.
Knights were symbols of honor and protection in Medieval Europe. Their honor code, The Code of Chivalry, morally obligated them to be respectful, gallant and loyal. Knights wore plate and chain mail armor, armed themselves with swords and other weapons in battle, and rode specially trained horses call destriers. It was ,and still is, an honor to be knighted because of the status and honor it included.
Samurai were warriors in feudal Japan. Samurai were notorious for their skill in combat and intimidating armor. The Samurai code of ethics was known as Bushido. Bushido translates to "the way of the warrior" and encouraged the japanese warriors to be loyal, mastered in martial arts, and honorable unto death. In fact the Samurai practiced ceremonial suicide known as seppuku. A warrior would kill himself to die with honor rather than be captured or killed by the enemy. Seppuku was part of the the Bushido Samurai honor code.
Knights Vs. Samurai
Knights and Samurai are similar in that they were both used for protection purposes in war. Also, both warrior classes came with high social status. Knights differ from the Samurai in that knights did not practice ceremonial suicide or stress honor in death. Samurai were not required to be gallant and polite to ladies and were in fact feared by people. One of the main differences between knights and samurai is their armor. Samurai armor encouraged movement while still offering exceptional protection whereas a knight's armor was heavy and cumbersome with somewhat useful protection. The differences and similarities in the feudal samurai and the medieval knight are numerous and fascinating. The warrior classes are constantly compared because of the impact they both had in history.
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