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The Woman in Black (2012)

No description

Hannah Miller

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The Woman in Black (2012)

Who do you think the primary and secondary target audience is for The Woman in Black?
How was The Woman in Black marketed?
The main marketing campaign for this film was casting Danie Radcliffe. His presence attracted all of the mourning Harry Potter fans and all of the female 'fangirls' who adore him. He took part it a great amount of publicity for the film including this youtube clip, which is clearly targeted at a younger audience with a competition to meet Daniel himself.
Do you think the marketing materials for the film were appropriate?
I would not agree with the marketing for this film. It was targeted at a younger audience however my personal opinion is that the films content was not suitable for the age targeted.
The budget for The Woman in Black was an estimated $17,000,000.
The Woman in Black (2012)
The primary audience for this film is both males and females aged under 25, more so females. Using Daniel Radcliffe not only attracts females but also the millions of Harry Potter fans.
The secondary audience is the over 25's who would tend to watch more grown up productions for example documentaries
What kind of release did the film have?
The release for The Woman in Black was huge in both the UK and the USA. During the opening weekend of the film it was shown in 412 UK screens and almost 3000 in the USA. These figures are very large for a horror movie, for example when compared to the American horror 'The Others' released 2001 with established actress Nicole Kidman being shown in 1678 screens in the USA; both films having a similar budget.
How much did The Woman in Black cost to make? What was the industry impact of The Woman in Black?
Why do you think the film was so successful?
I believe there is not just one reason that this film was such a success. However I would say it was mainly down to the fact Daniel Radcliffe, a renowned actor after this role in Harry Potter was hired for the leading role.
Secondly I would say the distribution and advertisement played a key role to the success as it broadened the amount of people who would have knowledge that the film was released/soon to be released.
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