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No description

Marlee Hubach

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of TRASH

A book report by: MARLEE HUBACH

Jose Angelico, Father Julliard, and Olivia Weston
The Main Characters
Raphael, Gardo, and Rat (Jun-Jun)
"My name is Raphael Fernandez and I am a dumpsite boy." "I know what everyone finds, because I know what we've been finding for all the years I've been working, which is eleven years. It's the one word:
which means- and I'm sorry if I offend- it's our word for human muck." (p.g. 3)
"Gardo's 14, same as me. He's thin as a whip, with long arms. He was born 7 hours ahead of me, onto the same sheet, so people say... The fact that he's older means he pushes me around now and then, tells me what to do, and most of the time I let him. People say he's too serious, a boy without a smile, and he says 'So show me something to smile at.' He can be mean, it's true- but then again he's taken more beatings than me so maybe he's grown up faster." (p.g. 9)
Rat (Jun-Jun)
"Rat is a boy- three or four years younger than me. His real name is Jun-Jun. Nobody called him that, though, because he lived with the rats and had come to look like one. He was the only kid in Behala that I knew of who had no family at all... The thing about Rat was, he had nobody, because he'd come from some place way out of the city- and if it hadn't have been for the Mission School he'd have been dead." (p.g. 22)
Important People
Jose Angelico
"A man, staring up at us, right into the camera, with those frightened eyes you always have when the camera flashes. Name? Jose Angelico. Age? Thirty -three years old, employed as a houseboy. Unmarried and living out somewhere called Green Hills. Not a rich man, and that makes you sad." (p.g. 10)
Father Julliard
"...I have been running the Pasca Aguila Mission School on the Behala dumpsite for seven years." "... It was to be my final posting- I'm sixty-three. But I fell in love with the place, and have been here ever since." (p.g. 51)
Olivia Weston
"I'm Olivia Weston, and I was what they call a 'temporary house-mother' at Behala's Mission School." (p.g 83)
The BAD people...
A dump in a third world country called Behala.
The place they call home...
How people work and what they look for...
Plastic (white plastic is the best)- this is sold for money
Paper/Cardboard- if it's white and clean (that means that people have to clean it
Tin cans/Anything metal/ Glass if it's in a bottle
Cloth or rags- means an occasional t-shirt, pair of pants, or a bit of sack
" It's a place they call Behala, and it's a rubbish-town."
"...people live in boxes, and the boxes are stacked up high and tall." (p.g. 3)
Behala Dumpsite.
How people live
Published by: Scholastic Inc.
Text Copyright: 2010 by Andrew Mulligan
Cover Art Copyright: 2010 by Alex Williamson

By: Andy Mulligan

Behala Mission School
Olivia Weston's Importance
Olivia cares too much about the kids to let anything happen to them. When Gardo comes and asks for her help she cannot say "No". She helps Gardo, Raphael, and Rat get closer to uncovering the secret about Jose Angelico.
Father Julliard's Importance
Father Julliard helps feed, clothe, and shelter all of the dump kids. He is the one in control of the Mission School which provides the education the kids need.
Jose Angelico is VERY important...
Jose Angelico is dead. But he has a secret that the boys must figure out what it is before the police do. And they have all they need from Jose to figure it out...
A key, a code, an ID card, and some money...
The Police
They are desperate to find out what happened to Jose Angelico's things and will do ANYTHING to try and get it back, even if it means almost killing someone...
Pick it up- and keep it hidden...
One day Gardo and Raphael find something unusual in the trash... a wallet, ID card, a key and a code. The ID belongs to a man named Jose Angelico. Jose is dead. But his daughter and secrets aren't. The boys are desperate to find out what it all means... before the police do. They lie, steal, and hide as they get closer and closer to discovering the secret of Jose Angelico.
What happens in the dump, doesn't always stay in the dump...
So many good places to hide a wallet and some money... but not enough...
One person will eventually get caught.
Raphael gets arrested by the cops and is taken to go "talk" with someone. They threaten him and if it wasn't for his ability to run really fast and really far, he would have been dead
Raphael runs as fast as he can to get back to the others so they can go hide.
The secret is safe with Raphael, Rat, and Gardo
It's the Day of the Dead when they go through the cemetery... and then find Jose Angelico's daughter... sitting on a gravestone... who has been there for a week, waiting for her father to come back.
Raphael and Gardo find something special in the dump and hide it from the cops... who eventually figure out the boys have it and track them down- but the boys always seem to slip away from their grasp.
"I am sorry," I said, and I was fighting for my life, and I knew it. "I should have told you I found money, but I should have given it to my friend also, and I didn't so I lied to you. Please don't kill me, please." (p.g. 70)
"I found myself running on legs that bent like I was drunk, and wouldn't do as I wanted. But at least I was running, crazily, down a long, empty road. At least I was free, and at least- unlike poor Jose Angelico- I was alive. My legs got stronger. I knew then that I could run for ever." (p.g. 73)
"'Pia Dante,' she said. 'My name is Pia Dante Angelico and I'm waiting for my father, Jose Angelico.'" "... my first thought was that we must be talking to a ghost, because we'd seen her grave with our own eyes. "The child was looking across at it- B25/8- the grave with her own name on, in brand-new stone. And she was waiting for her dead father on the Day of the Dead. What kind of miracle was that?" (p.g. 207)
Will Raphael, Gardo, and Rat keep what they have rightfully stolen? Will the police catch them? Is Pia Dante really dead?
"I started sobbing. because I knew this was my last chance. I felt the hands on my ankles shift, and then- after some silence- I was lifted back into the room and dropped onto the floor." (p.g. 72)
"With the right key, you can bust the door wide open. Because nobody's going to open it for you." (p.g. 11)
"He shouted something, and got a whistle in his mouth. Then I saw him go for his gun, but he was clinging to the ladder still, and we were gone before he could aim. Under us and all around us, though, the world was full of noise." (p.g. 178)
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