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Copy of Copia di Literature Lesson

No description

Elvira Ierardi

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Copia di Literature Lesson

Aborigines were the first people to inhabit Australia. They came to Australia more than forty thousand years ago. Aborigines lived there in small family groups with very little contact with the rest of the world.
In 1770, the Englishman James Cook landed in Australia. He called it New South Wales. He wanted Australia to be a British colony. Soon after, the British started sending male and female criminals to Australia. The prisoners had to work on the land and many decided to stay in Australia. They were the first white Australians.
As a result, thousands of Aborigines died from European diseases brought by the settlers. Other Aborigines died in battles when the new settlers took their lands for farms. By 1900, there were fewer than 100.000 Aborigines.
Australia became independent from Britain in 1931. It is a constitutional monarchy and Queen Elizabeth II is the constitutional Head of State.
The official language is English, which is spoken by 80% of the population. In the last years, more than a million immigrants have arrived in Australia. Today, about 23 million people live there and this multiculturalism makes Australia an exciting place to live and visit.
The capital city is Canberra but the largest city is Sydney
"The land Down Under"
The Outback
About 80% of Australia is "the Outback". It is the empty area in the centre of Australia and it is very hot and dry.
Uluru - Ayers Rock
It is a massive sandstone rock in central Australia. It is a completely bare rock and it has a beautiful rage of changing colours. At sunrise and sunset the rock can become a deep red.
The name "down under" is due to its position, as Australia lies in the southern hemisphere, on the opposite side of the globe to Europe.
As a result, the seasons are just opposite to ours.
Kangaroos can jump 5 metres and run quite fast. When male kangaroos fight, they box.
Female kangaroos give birth to a baby called a "Joey". It lives for six months in its mother's pouch where it grows and develops.
When Captain Cook first saw the animal, he asked an aborigine the name of that strange creature. The aborigine said "kangaroo" and Captain Cook called the animal kangaroo. Later they discovered that the word kangaroo means "I don't know"!
The koala is one of Australia's best known animals. Its name comes from the Aboriginal word which means 'no drink' because koala gets fluid from the eucalyptus leaves it eats
Capital city: Canberra
Main cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth
Head of State: British Monarch
Most spoken language: English
Currency: Australian dollar
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