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Layout of the UNIVERSE!!!!!

No description

Mrs. B 602

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Layout of the UNIVERSE!!!!!

What is it made up of? The UNIVERSE!!!!
By: Mrs. Brunberg How did it all start?? WHAT HAPPENNED NEXT? What was created? What makes up our Solar System? Where are we in the universe? What are the planets made up of? Besides Stars and Planets, what else is out there? THE BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!! All of the matter than makes up the
universe started to spread out
and expand in size. After a very long time the matter started to clump together and form large collections of stars called galaxies! Our solar system is in a spiral galaxy
called the Milky Way. We are on
Orions arm of our galaxy. Our solar system is made up of a collection of planets, asteroids, meteors, moons, dwarf planets and space junk! There are two main types of planets: terrestial and gaseous. There is a vast amount of "space" in between the glalaxies. There is dark matter, black holes,
clouds of space dust, and a lot of stuff that hasn't been discovered yet! Terrestial Planet
Mars Gaseous Planets
Saturn The planets are seperated by an asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter. Uranus Neptune
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