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Online Education - Coursera

Co-Fonder & Co-CEO
 - Coursera & Associate Professor
Stanford University

Cyntia Franco

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Online Education - Coursera

“...in order to reach an audience of this size,
I would have had to teach my normal
Stanford class (enrollment of ~400) for 250 years!”
39 year old mother with 2 college boys
Middle class family from small town
in India, able to
access Stanford for
for Education!
Daniel was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy.

“...you are allowing autistic
people to learn”
online education
"Massive Open Online Courses"
from 400 students per year
100000 students per year
students can control their videos and speed up or slow down if wanted.
In a flipped classroom, data collected from the system shows that students prefer blast to the material piece in an accelerated pace.
teacher presence
20 thousand students' data collected. participation in forum, what students posted; assignments,
what time students complete tasks; etc
Learn how students learn
a talking head, when used effectively is a valuable tool to engage students
Pedagogically very useful for teachers, so they can re-enforce a misconception of a concept.
Group B of students were boarding,
so they had to shut down Group B.
Analysing students
incorrect solutions
Instructor Tools
1,500 dollars for
this equipment
Instructor Support
Blocks of Knowledge
Students can navigate through the content in their own order
“Practice is Critical”
Sophisticated Automated computer programs to collect data
Mastery Learning
Video based Learning
Improving learning
collecting & analysing data
Peer Grading X Teachers Grading
Peer Grading
Very Accurate
Sociology 101 students all around the world!
Students answer each others’ questions
Students form communities and help each other.
Students getting together & Supporting
each other all around the world
Earn a Verified Certificate with the brand of the University
$50 fee Signature Track
Student Retention
Coursera has developed Instructor Interface for content creation (much harder to develop)
unprecedented amount of data collected in 1 year and a half to improve Tertiary Education
80 University Partners
378 courses
11 million enrollments
3.6 million students
explaining concepts
Retrieval Practice Improves learning
Students can try many times until they get it right
Students wait
22 minutes to receive the answer
The system detects the
good answers and bring them up
2 thousand nearly identical
incorrect solutions!
Coursera has developed a non technical interface for instructors
Coursera App Platform
Coming soon!!!
On Campus Instructions
Classroom Lecture was invented 400 years ago
The best of both worlds
Physical co-presence of instructors is
necessary in Classroom Activities
Active Learning
30% improvement
Team solving problem- so much more interesting that sitting in a classroom & listening to a Lecture!
Technology is in the process of transforming Education!
Lecturers are not just broadcasters of content but Mentors and Facilitators of Learning
Small study group
Online Education promotes Life Long Learning
continuing education
Consumers in Online
Education for Everyone
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