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Desk Ops 1.0

No description

Sarah Palazzolo

on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of Desk Ops 1.0

- document everything well: note the time and initial everything you do
- hit the "Send E-mail" button
- don't hesitate to fill out a CSI for late or missing keys/temps
Desk Ops 1.0:
Logs & Info. at the Desk
DR Priorities:
- personal safety = #1!
- report up
- take good notes
- maintain confidentiality

Desk Ops 101
If you remember anything...
1. Desk Ops 1.0: When You Get to the Desk
Today's Agenda:
3. SALTO: 21st Century Security
4. Would You Like a Box for That?
2. Room Keys, Mail Keys, the Key to Our Hearts
Housing & Dining Programs develops inclusive, student-centered residential communities that enhance the academic experience of each resident while providing services that support the greater university community.
1. verify ID (reg card)
2. both initial out
**time out, temp #
3. issue card ->
1. always Send Email!!
2. missing packages:
fill out a green CSI for your DC
5. Keep Calm and Document the Incident
Formal Log
- SIGN IN!!!
- key & SALTO audit
- record incidents
Mission Statement:
Ops Log
- sign in = get PAID
- spare key sign out log (for non residents)
- Fill out a CSI and charge $10 for a late key
- You will be held responsible for keys that go missing during your shift!
Mail Services (USPS)
- Click "Action."
- Scan multiple barcodes
- Set status to "Received at ___ Desk."
- Click "Set as Received"
Other Carriers (UPS, Fedex, DHL)
- Click "Receive" & scan code
- Type resident's name under "Recipient."
- Select package type (flowers, cucpakes, etc.)
- Click "Received at ___ Desk."
- Click "Receive"
RA on Duty
RD on Duty
Public Safety
- fire alarm
- drunk resident
- missing person call
- flooding in the building
- evacuation
Admin Key Log
- EVERYONE must sign keys out!!!
- you initial too!
Good Book
- maps, restaurant guides, rosters

Barred Book
Spare Key Checkout
- Verify Identification
- 15 min. time limit
- Include date, time, resident and dr initial
SALTO Temporary Access Cards
Ground Rules:
- 15 minute time limit
- extension (end of next business day): mark reg card with a sticky note
- non-residents (RMC), use the sign in sheet (ops log)
Name, AU ID, room #
start & end time
(+ 20 min. cushion)
select hall & floor
choose room #
place on dock &
"Edit Key"
Your Credentials:
firstname + last inital (tessm)
more rules...
- temp card audit:
write temp card #s present in formal log at sign in
- to charge for a late temp:
fill out a
gold CSI
(Customer Service Inquiry)
bottom line . . .
- when in doubt, ask a supervisor
- yours & the building's safety are the most important
- otherwise, the customer is always right :)
Key Audit
- Perform a key & SALTO audit after signing in
- List and initial all missing spare and admin keys

Pass Down Log
- notes for staff
- ie, scheduled fire alarm, missing package, etc
1. Always click SEND EMAIL button
2. Difference between:
Receive vs. Deliver

Basics of Payroll
All DRs & RAs are paid Bi-Weekly
Beginning July 1, 2014 minimum wage increased to $9.50 per hour
Timesheets are due every other Friday
You will be paid every other Friday
Each two weeks is considered a “Pay Period”
After you sign a timesheet, you will be paid those earnings 2 weeks later
Ex. This Pay Period is 8/2-8/15. You will be complete a timesheet for staff training and will be paid on August 29th
First timesheet is due NEXT Friday by 5pm.

Recording Hours
Completing a Timesheet
Paycheck vs. Direct Deposit

You may choose to pick up your paycheck on or after Pay Day
Pick up from Housing & Dining Programs main office
Sean Cullinane (Financial Administrator) holds all paychecks
Main Office open Monday-Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

OR you may enroll in Direct Deposit
Paycheck electronically deposited into your bank account on Friday
Doesn't involve picking up a check or depositing it at the bank/ATM
Direct Deposit can take up to 14 days to take effect (your first payment may be a paycheck)

Initial the Sign-In Log
Complete Online Timesheet
Sign your timesheet online by midnight of each Pay Period (every other Friday)
Get Paid!!!!
Direct Deposit – money deposited directly to your account on Pay Day
Check – must come pick up check from HDP main office on or after Pay Day
People you can talk to:
Residential Services Coordinator
Seth Yates
Human Resources x2591

6. Payroll: Do Work Get Paid
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