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Probing the Foundations of the Standard Cosmological Model

PhD Thesis - Miguel Zumalacárregui Pérez

Miguel Zumalacárregui

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Probing the Foundations of the Standard Cosmological Model

Constant Standard Cosmological Model LSS SNe CMB Local Gravity Tests Primordial Nucleosynthesis Inflation Alternative Theories Reheating Primordial Abundances Ostrogradski's Line Ostrogradski's Line Ostrogradski's Line Here be ghosts Here be ghosts Here be ghosts Baryon Acoustic Oscillations Recombination Acceleration Inhomogeneity Today Anisotropy Early era of

Erases earlier features
Seeds small perturbations
Has an END Matter Dominated Era Inflation Dark Matter General Relativity Standard Matter FRW Metric CMB Not much Spherical Symmetry Las Damas Primordial
Perturbations Sound Horizon http://www.particlephysics.ac.uk http://www.physicsoftheuniverse.com/ Conclusions Models that test the underlying assumptions Alternative scenarios useful to understand the standard paradigm
Indentify model dependence of analysis Inhomogeneous models without Dark Energy are in growing tension with observations Disformal transformations: New relations between theories and rich phenomenology Probing the Foundations of the Standard Cosmological Model Miguel Zumalacárregui Pérez Reionization scienceblogs.com ν ν ν ν Lunar Laser Ranging Gravity very close to GR in the solar system!!! Dark Energy: Scalar field sources gravity through Energy-Momentum Generalized Galileons KGB (Deffayet et al 2010) Perturbations DCDM
Bad fit
to LSS! General Relativity,
Large Scale Homogeneity and the
accelerating Universe FRW if A(r,t) a(t) r
k(r) k r 2 Modified
Gravity: Scalar field couples to gravity directly (Kinetic Gravity Braiding) - Second order equations
- Limit extra dimensional Th Disformal Coupling
to gravity Kinetic
Mixing Conformal part Scale dependent effects! Screening Mechanisms for Scalar Forces DM coupled pheno. models! ? Theory FRW: LTB: Data e.g. with DE Ways out (Clifton et al. 2011) - Extra dimensions - Weird stuff: Non-Lorentz, non-local, non-metric, higher derivatives... - Extra fields:
Scalar Conformal Disformal Disformal Coupling
to matter Compare with Galileons !!!

EF much simpler Appleby & Linder 2011 Cosmological Constant still very strong ~FRW limit Disf. coup. to R Degenerate structure SNe SNe+H0 SNe SNe+H0 BAO BAO+CMB CMB All BAO BAO+CMB CMB All
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