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Women's Rights in Ancient China

In this Prezi we explore the rights women had in ancient China; or rather, the lack of.

Jessi Jean

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Women's Rights in Ancient China

Education? Not really... Women weren't allowed to do that either Jobs/Careers Women were thought to have no other life outside of the house. So what did they do for a living? Introduction In ancient China, women weren't considered very important. Frankly, they were just looked down upon by other men. Due to this, they really didn't have a lot to look forward to in life other than bearing a son and marrying. Style Makeup/Clothing TODAY'S Rights for Women Some things have changed.... Statistic Time! The statistics of women in China (Today, Modern) By Jessi Jean and Abby Rose Women's Rights in Ancient China - Mostly, women were always in the house taking care of the children and housework. They were not allowed outside of the house without their husband's consent. - Basically, the only "job" they had was to bear a son. If they didn't, the husband was allowed to have as many wives as he wanted until one of them bore him a son. Then, women were thought that they couldn't be as smart as men. So educating them would be a waste of effort, time, and money. In ancient China, it was considered beautiful if you had pale skin, tiny feet, and also were judged based on.... your eyebrows. It was popular to use a very pale foundation, exaggerated or painted on dimples, painted eyebrows, very red blush, and tiny feet. What if you didn't have tiny feet? Though it still kind of sucks.. - Women can now report abuse. - Women can ask to have a divorce. (Though both husband and wife had to agree on it for it to go through.) The Biggest Change: They can now work and raise money! ... Though sometimes they're forced... * 500 women commit suicide in China each day!!! - That's 182,500 suicides EVERY YEAR * An average of 8,000,000 women undergo an abortion EVERY YEAR (Due to the one-child policy) - That's almost 22,000 abortions A DAY * In 2000, more than half of abortions were because of prenatal sex selection * China is the only country where women commit
suicide more than men. Video It's said women have one of the highest suicide rates in China because they feel they have so little control over their life. A women in this video talks more about it: Works Cited ashBtahoe. "Womens Rights in China - Help rural women ratify CEDAW." Youtube. July 13, 2010. Web. April 15, 2013. William Web Development. "Daily Life of Women." skirk.com.au. 2013. Red Apple Education. April 9, 2013. Atul, Singh. "womens role in china." Fair Observer. Atul Singh, 10 august 2012. Web. Web. 12 Apr. 2013. Brian Lee Kat Lewis Valerie Ross Jay Ding Joy Tang Yilian Peiyi , . "Forced Abortion." allgirlsallowed. Chai Ling, september 2012. Web. Web. 12 Apr. 2013.
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