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The use of Teaching Aids in English Teaching


Mabel Mendoza

on 7 July 2013

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Transcript of The use of Teaching Aids in English Teaching

Audiovisuals: Meaning
The Use of Teaching Aids in English Teaching
To help to illustrate a lesson's topic.
To get the students use the language.
To keep language learning interesting.

To improve student response rates.

Advantages of ICT usage
Capacity to control presentation
Novelty and creativity
hyperlinked multimedia documents and Computer Mediated Communication (CMC).
ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology
ICT involves the use of computers and networks
How do you find the need of English teachers to use audiovisual for their classes?
Teaching aids
A teaching aid is any piece of equipment or material that can be used to help the students learn.
The aids that help in teaching languages and that
can be seen
are called “
visual aids
Visual Aids
Aids that can only
produce sound
. Examples of audio aids are tape recorder, CD player, etc.
Audio Aids
Audio-visual is a combination of two words: "
" referring to that which we can hear and "
" referring to that which we can see. Audio visual aids include video , films, TV, computer, etc.
Audio-visual aids
Advantages of using Teaching aids in ELT
Advantage of using Visual aids
Advantage of using Audio aids
Advantage of using Audio-visual aids
Help students understand easily the new material
Help students visualize and connect the language to the reality
Help teachers explain the lessons
Provide certain contextual aspects and some extra-linguistic elements
The provision of exposure to variety of English and speakers
bringing learners in direct contact with objects and things, by bringing the distant thing nearer,
bringing the world into the classroom.
arousing learners curiosity, by making use of pictorial content and providing variety in teaching
What are materials for?
What are Characteristics of Materials?
How can we learn about materials?
How do we get materials
What kind of “teaching aids” are you likely to use?
What “Teaching aids” are you likely to use in the following four situations?
To what extent do you think “Teaching aids” are effective in enhancing students’ English proficiency?
What is/are your objective(s) in using “Teaching aids” in the classroom?
7)What is/are the common problem(s) you face when using “Teaching aids”? Please explain.
Mechanical failure of the machine or the devices Teacher: “The most horrible thing is when the machine (PC, projector, CD-player, etc…) stops in the middle of the instruction.
Difficulty in preparing the Teaching aids
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Teaching aids
Visual aids
Audio aids
Audio-visual aids
100% of the teachers use teaching aids
1) Audio aids (tape recorder, CDs, etc.)
2) Visual aids (pictures, posters, etc.)
3) Audio visual aids (videos, films, etc.)
Visual aids are used at the presentation stage
Audio aids are used at the practice stage
Teaching aids are effective if they are used appropriately
Teachers' objectives are:
To facilitate learners' understanding
To raise learners' motivation
wild boar
Teaching aids play an important role in ELT
It is advisable for English teachers to make use of ICT in their teaching practice
Why do we use Auidovisual Aids?
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