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Daily Life in Salem

No description

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Daily Life in Salem

Daily Life in Salem
by: Madelyn wild, Alexis Paddie, Mary Pugh, Ashely Thibodeaux

Clothing worn by men and women. What types of fabric was used?
One type of hat was a very big hat with a decorative belt and a buckle was usually worn. Another kind of hat that was worn had a big feather. Falling ruffs are collars that people during the Elizabethan period wore and both woman and men wore this. The most popular shoes were worn by both men and woman were high heels
Family Life of Puritans
Puritan parents disciplined their children severely. They felt no remorse about punishment. Believes children entered the world with sin and could only be redeemed through religious obedience. Children did not play with toys, instead boys did carpentry and girls did chores.
How their food and eating habits supported their religious views?
Because of the Puritans strong religious beliefs, they fasted.
The Puritans obtained their food by growing their own crops and hunting for animals just as God intended

Puritan Education
To the puritans education was extremely important.
They also believed that their spiritual life was an aid to their education. Education in the religious sense was their top priority.
Because religion was their top priority, they were not the best at reading, so it was the parents duty, by law, to teach their kids to read.
If they disobeyed, they were severely punished.
Fun Fact: the Puritans founded Harvard
How did their clothing support their religious views?
They never dress "high class" because it is a sin to their religion. So they never get fancy. They used simple clothing.
Puritan Meal
Puritans ate the crops they grew which consisted of corn, lettuce, and pumpkins. They also ate the pigs, chicken, and cows that they raised. They ate dinner around noon because the candles did not provide enough light after dark to eat.
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Describe the types of homes that probably existed in Salem. Explain what a palisade is and why it was necessary.
The types of homes in Salem had small windows and wooden frames. The churches were made out of wood. A palisade is a wooden fence inclosed. this is used to protect the house from attacks and harsh weather
wigwam inside
witch house in Salem
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