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Kellin Quinn

No description

Josie Carden

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Kellin Quinn

1986 - Present Kellin Quinn Bostwick Kellin Quinn Bostwick Katelynne Quinn Bostwick Singer/Songwriter Lead singer of post-hardcore
band Sleeping With Sirens,
formed in 2009. Kellin joined after the first singer left.
He sings, screams, and beatboxes in the band. Who is Kellin? He was born April 24, 1986.
He is 5'8" tall.
Kellin grew up in Medford, Oregon
with his younger sister Kailey and their father.
His mother lived in Sacremento,
California. Both of his parents exposed him to music early on. Anthem Made Kellin created his own clothing
line called Anthem Made with some of his friends. Founded in 2012. Kellin Quinn Inspiration to all who listen to his music, saved my life and many others... He was born in Orlando, Florida and moved to Medford, Oregon where he met his bandmates. Married to Katelynne who is
the mother of two sons from a previous relationship and gave birth to Kellin's daughter Copeland Quinn. Anthem Made Clothing was created by
2 friends who share a similar idea, start a clothing line dedicated to a lifestyle. We want our customer to feel like they are represented in gear that portrays a personality, not just a style. We at Anthem want you to be exactly who you are. You are Anthem Made.
- Kellin Quinn
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