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Tristina N

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Amyloplasts

Amyloplasts are apart of plastids specifically a type of leucoplast. Amyloplasts are specialized organelles that occur in the cytoplasm of only plant cells.
What is Amyloplast?
The Beehive
Amylopasts are contained in...
Maize (Corn)
Cassava (Tropical Fruit)
And many other staple foods
Amyloplasts are responsible for storing glucose. However, glucose is soluble so the glucose converts into starch (which is insoluble). The starch turns into sugar when the plant needs energy.
The Function
Bees take nectar from flowers and store them into their beehive which transforms into honey for the bees to eat and for us too eat.

The Beehive
Amyloplast/ Leucoplast

Bees take nectar
from flowers
Amyloplast store glucose
Nector turns into honey
Glucose turns into starch
Humans consume honey for energy
Starch turns into sugar for the plant to have energy
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