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My Art Portfolio

Art Project of my Art!!!!!!!!

Belinda Ham

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of My Art Portfolio

My Art
Portfolio Two elements of design used in the piece of work is value and lines. There is a great amount of value the this piece of art. This drawing is mostly made up of value because there is only pencil being used. This gives the viewer a imagination of what the colours in the compostion might be. by shading darker it shows that the real colour is dark but when shading lightly it shows that light colours would have been used. Also the value can tell use where the light sorce was coming from in this case the light sorce was coming from the left because all the shading was lighter on that side. line is demonstrated well in this piece of art. the lines are very solid and visible. the lines around the dogs mouth are dark and easy to see . the lines on the outline of the dog are very controlled. you can see all of the lines in the dogs face and there are both think and thin lines. the lines make the drawing stand out an d they move they eye around the composition. when lines are thinker they make the composition look strong and not weak. I those this piece of work as one of my best because i feel that value was really used well because i put shading where ever i saw it in the picture. There is also alot of detail in the value of the composition and in the whole face of the dog. I also thought that the overall shape of the dogs head was well done. i tried to draw the exact same shapes that i saw in the picture and draw them in the exact places. one principle of design used in this piece of work is balance. This is a asymmetric drawing because it is balanced but both side are not identical. this drawing is balanced because both halves of the drawing are similar to each other and this gives the composition a asymmetric look. when there is balance in a composition, it makes it look better because it is more balanced out. Two elements of design used in this composition is shape and colour. in this piece of work we were to create a simplified landscape. so Instead of using alot of real detail we replaced the really detailed with irregular shapes. this is why shape is one of the elements of design. i replaced the tree branches and leaves with irregular shapes that fit around the bunches of leaves. the ground is also simplified to irregular shapes because no detail is added to the shapes because it is simplified. also the trees are simplified and only colour is added. all of the shapes in this piece are organic because they are irregular and not actual shapes which are geometric shapes like squares and triangles. by using organic shapes it makes the composition look more interesting. there is also a great amount of colour used in this piece. to support the organic shapes colour is added into all of them. different colours are added into the shapes to show where the detail is because the colours give the idea where the detail is. Colour was used well in the sky because near the water there is a lighter blue and then it gradually gets darker as it moves away from the water. the orange i the tree shows darker and lighter shades of orange which show where the detail in the leaves were and that some leaves are darker than others. you can also see the the change of colour in the water to show that one part in the water is deeper than the other. in a composition the colour makes the piece more appealing because the colour really catches your eye. in this composition the first thing that catches my eye is the orange tree because the color stands out more than the other colours. two elements of design used in this art work is space and shape. this is a one point perspective drawing so there is alot of depth and perspective. the perspective shows how far away some objects are and this helps the eye understand the distance of the hall. if there was no depth in this drawing then everything would look confusing and the viewer would not be able to understand the distance and depth of the shapes in the composition. In this drawing you can see that the lockers get smaller as they get further away. in perspective drawings the objects get smaller as they move further away. so objects that are farther away are smaller. this happens with every thing you see like if you look at something far away it looks smaller but as you move closer it gets bigger and bigger the same happens for the opposite but the object will get smaller. shape is also the other element of design used in this drawing. there are many geometric shapes used like squares for the tiles and rectangles for the lockers. the geometric shapes make the drawing look neat and not messy. there are not any organic shapes used. In a composition, shape makes the drawing look neat and interesting. the subject matter i chose for this piece of work is a dog. i chose to do this dog because in the picture it was really easy to tell where it was darker and lighter which would make it easier to add value. i also thought that this dog would be something good to draw because its not to hard or to easy. i also anted to draw it because i thought it was very cute. the materials i used to create this art work is just pencil and paper. the advantage with the pencil is that it is easy to just use pencil and no other drawing materials. the disadvantage is that pencil from the shading can smudge a lot and make everything dark. also there is no colour so the drawing doesn't look as appealing one principle of design used in this drawing is movement. you can see movement from the walls into the center of the drawing where the point of perspective is. the inward movement of the surrounding leads your eyes towards the center. movement is used in a composition to help your eyes flow though the composition. in this case your eyes are moving into center because that is where the point of perspective is and by the walls getting smaller, it leads your eyes to the center. the movement in a composition is a good way to carry the viewer eyes from one spot to another and to flow through the composition. the subject matter i chose was the gym hall. in this project we could have chose the office hall or the gym hall. I chose the gym hall because i thought that the office hall looked too complex for me and the gym hall seemed straight forward and not as complex. the gym hall was still hard to draw but i thought that the office hall had too much detail that i might not be able to add in.the gym hall had locker which i though would be better to draw and i also thought that drawing the vending machines would add some difficulty. the materials used to create this drawing was a pencil, paper, and a ruler. the advantage of the pencil is that it is easy to just use the pencil and no other drawing materials and you can just erase it if you make a mistake. the disadvantage is that the pencil has no colour so then the drawing does not catch you eye. the advantge to the ruler is that it makes everything look neat with straight lines. the disadvantage is that it rubs against the pencil lines and smudges it. one principle of design used in this piece of art is unity. unity is used by repeating the same type of elements in different parts of the painting. in this case the same organic, simplified shapes are being used. these shapes can been seen repeating in the tree leaves, bush, ground, and the hills. there is unity with the organic shapes in the whole painting. in a composition unity is used to give it an harmonious effect. another principle of design in this painting is contrast because there are defined lines in the trees and with the organic shapes. because it is simplified, there is contrast. the subject matter i chose was was a landscape with trees, water, and mountain. i chose this because i really likes the colours used in this photograph and i liked they way that they worked together. i also wanted landscape that had water because i think that landscapes with water always look nice. i wanted some trees in my landscape because then i could simplify the tree leaves and then the whole painting would be supported by that. the composition and layout is trees on a hill, a bush, a cliff, a mountain covered with trees, and water. I tried to draw theses things exactlly where i saw them and use the same colours. though it is simplified some some things were changed in the painting. the orange tree makes the painting stand out and gives it a good look. there is a variety of different colours in this painting and the use of these different colours grab your attention. the materials used for this painting are chalk water paint and pencil. the advantage of the chalk water paint is that it gives the painting a great look and makes it really appealing and has that water colour look. the disadvantage to this is that sometimes if you add too much paint and you keep applying it, the paper starts to peel away. the advantage of using pencil is that you can plan out where you are going to paint certain colours and you can draw the picture first before you paint it. the disadvantage is that you have to press really lightly so i doesn't show up after you have painted. the composition and layout is the dog in the center of the paper. i chose to put the dog in the center because i was only drawing the head so the drawing would look better with it in the middle. if the dog was in the corner it would look weird because then it would look like it is not the center of attention. the piece of art work that i think still needs work is my one point perspective drawing. i think this one is my worst because it did not put a lot of detail in it and i didn't put enough effort into this drawing. to finish this piece i would add all the little details that i did not add. i would put locks on the lockers and put the object that were missing on the wall. also to improve the look i would redo some things like the vending machines and and the doors at the end of the hall because they are very messy and not much effort was put into it. i would also put more details on the doors at the end of the hall because i didn't add much detail. the think i should work harder on my perspective drawings because i think that is one of my weaknesses. two elements of design in this piece of are are colour and shape. colour is used very well in this piece! the colours are very visible and bright. this drawing really catches your eye when you see it because of how colourful it is and it attracts the eye. in a composition, colour makes the artwork look more appealing and it catches your eye. its good to have colour in a composition because it makes the art work look fabulous. if this drawing did not have colour, it would not look as appealing and it would not catch your eye but with colour it makes thing look way better. there are many different shapes in the drawing because there are many different things in this drawing. there are both geometric and organic shapes. for example the sun is a circle with triangles attaches to it so this would be geometric and there are shapes of faces and lettering and these would be organic. shape in a composition makes the art work look more interesting to the viewer. one principle of design used in the drawing is movement because there are many lines in this drawing that move your eye through the composition. for example the colourful shooting star coming from the top left hand corner starts you off and moves you eye towards the center of the art work. also the piano and the lines in the piano lead you eye through the composition because it wiggles towards the other objects in the drawing. movement in a composition makes the piece flow nicely and have a great appearance. the subject matter for this doodle art is all the things i like. i chose this subject matter because i thought that drawing things that i like would be more enjoyable and easier. it would be more enjoyable because no one would want to draw stuff that they don't like it would be boring and not make you happy. i also thought it would be easier because then i would no what to draw and how to draw it because i would already have a picture in my head of what it looks like. The materials used in the drawing are pencil, pencil crayons, and BIC roller pen. the advantage to the pencil is that it is easy to erase if you make a mistake so it is good to use a pencil first before you use anything that can't erase. the disadvantage is that it smudges. the advantage to the pencil crayons is that it makes the drawing colourful and it makes the drawing look more appealing. the disadvantage is that it does not erase so if you make a mistake kile if you used the wrong colour you can't erase it. the advantage to the BIC roller pen is that it makes the objects in the drawing stand out and makes it look better. the disadvantage is that if you use it in the wrong spot, it won't erase. the composition and layout is that all of the lines and objects lead into the center. i made the point of perspective in the middle because that's what it looks like if you stand in the middle of the hall at that distance away. i put all the objects and lines where i saw them in the hall. i put the vending machines on the right side of the hall because that is where i saw them when i was drawing. How to make a Henry Moore sculpture the materials you will need are a pencil, paper, Styrofoam board, newspaper, tape, plaster bandage, paint, paint brush, paint pallet and water.
Step 1: on a piece of paper plan out what your sculpture is going to look like.
Step 2: once you have your plan take some newspaper and crunch it up and shape it so it matches your picture.
Step 3: tape parts of the newspaper so the newspaper stays and doesn't undo.
Step 4: now it is time to put plaster bandage on the sculpture! cut of a large piece of plaster bandage and cut the large piece into small squares.
Step 5: get some water and dip the plaster bandage in the water and place it on the sculpture. make sure the plaster bandage isn't dripping wet when you put it on.
Step 6: rub in the plaster bandage so that all the holes in it are gone.
Step 7: once it is dry place the sculptures where you want them.
Step 8: dip more plaster bandage in the water and make them into worms and place them under the sculpture where it will be attached to the base. this will keep them more stable.
Step 9: plaster bandage the base and the sides of the base.
Step 10: once everything is dry, get the paint! the colours you will need are brown, black, green and gold. you will also need water and a paint pallet.
Step 11: put some brown into the pallet with a little black and a lot of water.
Step 12: paint the whole sculpture with the brown.
Step 13: once the brow is dry, put some green into the pallet. this green is going to be dry brushed so you will need some newspaper.
Step 14: put some green paint on the brush and lightly paint on the newspaper until there is only a little paint on the brush.
Step 15: now paint the sculpture in the green. every time you run out of paint, repeat step 14.
Step 16: now put some gold in the pallet and dip the brush in. lightly paint the sculpture so the gold is only on the bumps that pop out. now you are finished you sculpture!!!!!!!! two elements of design used in the piece of art are colour and value. there is alot of colour in this drawing like the different colours in the apple, grapes and the banana. in the apple there are the colours red, yellow, green and brown. all these colours make the drawing look colourful along with the lime green of the grapes and the yellow, green and brown of the banana. the colours make the drawing look more appealing and stand out. without the colour the drawing would look very boring and life less. to make colour in this drawing i used pencil crayons. colour in a composition makes the drawing look better and it catches your eye. line is very noticeable in the drawing. i out lined all of the fruit to make them pop out. the lines are very dark and visible which makes the objects stand out. the linesare visible in this drawing and they are srong. i used a brown pencil crayon to out line the objects because the brown went well with the fruits and if i were to use black, it wouldn't look as good. line in a composition makes objects stand out so the viewer will notice the objects in the drawing. also the lines make the drawing look better. one principle of design used in the art work is harmony. there is harmony in the piece because they kinda have the same apperance. they are all fruit and they look like they have the same smooth texture. also the colours used are close to each other on the colour wheel and this makes it harmonious. harmony in a composition makes the art work look interesting to the eye because they are similar. the subject matter of this piece is fruit. i chose fruit because fruit is a typical still life thing to draw. i chose to draw a banana because the sides are smooth and easy to draw and there are no ridged parts. i chose to draw a apple because i thought it went well with the banana and the apple has different colours. then i needed a smaller fruit so i picked to do grapes because they are a different colour that would go well with the other colours. the composition and layout of this drawing are that there are three objects and the the banana is behind the apple and the grapes and the apple and the grapes are beside each other with the grapes in the middle. i put the fruit this way because this way they really worked well together and the banana moves the eye through the composition by the way it turns into the other fruit. the grapes look good in the middle because they are smaller and the bigger objects looked better on the sides. the materials used to create this art work are: pencil crayons and pencil. the advantage to the pencil crayons are that they add colour to the picture and make the drawing look better. this disadvantage is that the pencil crayon can't erase if you make a mistake. the advantage to the pencil is that you can erase it and it is good to use to plan out your drawing. the disadvantage is that it smudges. the composition and layout of this art work is that all little drawing are randomly drawn on the paper. for example there is random bee's and ladybugs and different characters. there are many different objects all in this drawing and i made all the drawings small so i could fit more objects in the drawing. at the beginning of this semester we did our very first drawing. my drawing was a drawing of scissors and the value was good but not as good as what i did in my stippling drawing of a dog. in my scissor drawing i used value to show which parts are darker from shadow and from the light source with very little cast shadow and not much value all together. though in my dog drawing i added all the detail and used value where ever it was needed. i made my drawing look great because i did it the best i could and every dot was placed where is was to be placed. the value in the mouth was really precise and the value had a good transition from light to dark.in my scissor drawing i didn't put any value in the metal part and it didn't look metallic. i have really improved with using value because i have learned all the skills on how to make value look really good and make a drawing look real. also the line quality between there two drawings have a difference. in my first drawing the lines are weak and not very bold and noticeable. though in my stippling drawing the lines are strong and are visible and they show where the outline of the dog is. i have also improved with lines and making the strong and bold. i have learned and improved many different skills i this coarse. on a scale of one to ten i think the majority of of my work would be an 8. i think this because i thought that all my work was done well and i tried my best to do well in all of my art work. i don't think that any of my work was horrible but i do know some pieces that still need work and could use some more detail. overall i think my art work was well done and i did a good job. i have acquired many skills in this course. i learned in my colour composition how to use value in colour. in my banana you can see the value i used with the brown to show the shadow. also with the grape, the darker greens and the browns show the shadow and for the apple i used all different colours to show thw value. this is a new skill to me because i have learned how to use value before but not with colour. Another skill is that i learned how to do stippling. i learned that having dots close together in a stippling drawing makes it look darker. so the more dots the darker. also lines that are closer together makes a drawing look darker in that area. so this also means i also learned how to use value in a stippling drawing.the dog that i drew is all stippling and i learned how to make different parts darker and lighter. another skill i have acquired is how to use water colour paints. i have use water colour paints before this course but really helped me get better at it. i learned how to use value in the water colour and howto make a drawing look really appealing by not making it messy and by adding enough water. in my flower painting i used the skills that i learned and added value to the flower. i tried to make my drawing look really nice and i thought that choosing dark colours for my flower would be different. another skill i acquired is how to make sculptures i have never made a sculpture before and i really enjoyed it.i learned the steps of making one with both the Henry Moore sculpture and my figurine.in my figurine i tried to make it look neat and smooth. in the Henry Moore i learned how to use the plaster bandage and how to have the bronze patina look. overall i have acquired many skills in the course. i think my best piece of art work is my dog using shading. i think this is one of my best because i feel that value was really used well because i put shading where ever i saw it in the picture. There is also a lot of detail in the value of the composition and in the whole face of the dog. I also thought that the overall shape of the dogs head was well done. i tried to draw the exact same shapes that i saw in the picture and draw them in the exact places.
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