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Plot Mountain

Classroom Structure

Joe Dixon

on 29 November 2011

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Transcript of Plot Mountain

Plot Mountain
Exposition is the brief part of the story where you meet the characters, learn a little bit about the setting that they are in, and you will find out a little bit about the situation the characters initially find themselves dealing with.
insert my
idea here
Dramatic Structure
What is the series of events
that build the story and lead
to the point of greatest interest,
the climax?
The climax is the point in the story of maximum intensity. This is the turning point where the conflict is usually resolved. The climax in the story, STAR WARS-Return of the Jedi, is when Darth Vader finally realizes that his son is right, turns on his evil master and kills him. The conflict built up until that final moment when the evil Emperor is eliminated, resolves the conflict between Luke Skywalker and the powers of "The Dark Side".
During the falling action, events are leading to a final conclusion. The conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist are explained or fully resolved.
The resolution is the ending of the story. Most unanswered questions are explained.
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