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Human Nature Case Study

No description

Mariel Arcinas

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Human Nature Case Study

Alumnus of the Ateneo De Manila University
Collaborated with her sister and husband in establishing Human Heart Nature in 2007
Began with a line of affordable, organic baby care products and expanded into a full line of adult skin care and cosmetics.
Arcinas, Barcelon, de la Fuente, Lemaitre, Ocampo, Tamayo, Violago

To be faithful stewards of their God-given talents and natural resources, to give the best of themselves to urgently and sustainably build a global company which will showcase the best of the Philippines and uplift all our people, especially the poor through providing affordable, quality, natural products.
To become the gold standard of a globally successful enterprise with a heart that will embolden all businesses to better serve society
Social Problems
Environmental Implications of harmful chemicals found in personal care products
Health implications of people who use chemically manufactured products
SE Strategy
Develop specialized products for the needs of the upper half of their target market ( Anti-aging, anti-hairfall, hair dye)
Develop more "compact", 2-in-1 products ( a day-night cream, tinted moisturizers, lip-cheek stains, etc instead of several separate products)
Improvement of scents of some products
Getting more popular personalities to endorse their products
Television Ads
Pop Out Stores in Malls
Partnerships with other dominant retailers/ wholesellers
Prioritizes sourcing products locally and chooses to manufacture in the country even if outsourcing abroad costs much less.

Engages in the Fair Trade Principle which ensures that farmers (suppliers of raw materials) are paid appropriately for their produce.

Implements a hiring program that provides employment to members of GK communities. Fair living wage above the required minimum as well as full benefits are provided to promote the dignity and value of work.

All products are all natural, with no toxic processes involved and packaged in recyclable bottles.

Target Market
20-40 year old middle class individuals who want safe, natural, locally produced products at affordable prices for themselves an their families
Rising consumer consciousness.
People were starting to look at what products were made of
Organic products were gaining popularity

Human Nature provides quality products at prices that are competitive in the local market
H.N. has dealers to ease distribution, they also put up branches around the country and utilized e-commerce wherein for customers can place orders
Limited access to all-natural personal care products in the Philippines. Those already in the market were
hard to find

Farmers supply H.N. with the necessary raw materials at a fair price.
They also train and link them with partners to upgrade their quality & production as well as connect them to other buyers to increase the demand for their output
Members of GK communities are employed as full time warehouse staff
Intermediation Strategy: Provision of products or services that improve the quality of lives of the poor
Fair-trade principle: In line with its value of being Pro-Poor, Human Nature believes in buying from community-based suppliers at fair prices
Human Nature follows an embedded social enterprise model as it earns for its own sustainability while a substantial portion of its earnings is allotted to the efforts to improve the quality of life of its stakeholders

Traditional Business Strategies
Integration Strategies (Forward: gaining ownership or increased control over distributors or retailers )
Intensive Strategies (Market development: Introducing present products into new geographic area
Diversification (Related Diversifaction: Adding new but related products or services)

Human Nature
Direct Selling
Company Owned Stores
Online Shops
Farmers from partner communities
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