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Apple's Value Chain

No description

Evert D'Hondt

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Apple's Value Chain

A Apple já comercializou até hoje 25 bilhões de aplicativos.
Ela está disponível em 155 países
A Apple detem 30% de todas as vendas
Serviços Apple
A maior loja de musicas virtual do mundo
A iTunes Store, tem um catálogo de 20 milhões de músicas
Comprar ou alugar filmes
Simples e facil
One job opening is the enterprise sales representative in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, posted on May 22, 2013.
he job summary is: At Apple, great ideas have a way of becoming great products, services, and customer experiences very quickly. Bring passion and dedication to your job and there's no telling what you could accomplish.
esponsibilities include: Execution of sales strategies within assigned accounts, territory planning and management, opportunity forecasting, demand generation, and fulfillment logistics, leadership of the extended sales team (telesales, reseller partners, and ISV coordination) to deliver significant market-share growth in this territory.
he successful candidate must have: A strong, positive sales focus, excellent communication and presentation skills, knowledge of Apple products and competitive landscape, plus the aptitude and appetite to learn more, ability to navigate complex enterprise politics, finances, and personalities, and a college degree.
External Analysis
Political Factors:
Apple Inc has reportedly obtained 52% of its business from outside US in 2007.
Due to the bad international relations, wars and terrorism might influence Apple Inc in a huge way, and also the organization has no control over these factors.
Apple Inc manufactures a number of its parts and products from outside the US, like Czech Republic, Ireland, China, and Korea.
The bad political relations between US and the other world have bad outcomes for the Apple Inc.

Economic Factors:
The global economic crisis had huge impact on Apple Inc.
The inflation rate went high and so did the unemployment rate in the country, and since Apple Inc products were viewed as luxury products, the customers started pending less on them.
Apple Inc.
Who knows Apple?
What distinguishes Apple from its opponents?
the Apple experience
= value creation process
What is the value chain of a firm?
Lets first explain the concept 'value'
Value is the perception of the benefits associated with a good, service (or bundle of the two) in relation to what buyers are willing to pay for them.
The case of Apple's iPod
from macroeconomics to a micro-level analysis :
Who captures value?
The 30GB Apple iPod Video:
designed and marketed by an American company
assembled by Taiwanese manufacturers in China
includes key parts from Japanese, Korean and U.S. suppliers
the value chain is a network of facilities and processes that describes the flow of goods, services, services, information, and financial transactions
from supplier to customer
the supply chain is the portion of the value chain that focuses primary on the physical movement of goods and materials, and supporting flows of information and financial transaction through the supply, production, and distribution processes
Apple's Value Chain:

Articles and information
Carmine Gallo. (2012). The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer Loyalty. McGraw-Hill
Linden, G. Kraemer, K.L. and Dedrick, J. (2009). Who Captures Value in a Global Innovation Network? The Case of Apple's iPod. Communication of the ACM. 140-144.
Chu-Ping Lo. (2011). Global outsourcing or foreign direct investment: Why Apple chose outsourcing for the iPod. Japan and the World Economy 23. 163-169.
cfr. 30GB iPod Video - 2005
Retail price: $ 299
Thank you for your attention
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