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Football helmets

No description

Preston Karstetter

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Football helmets

Football helmets
By Preston Karstetter
What is my artifact?
What is the purpose of your artifact?
The purpose of my artifact is to protect the heads and brains of football players.
Who invented it and when?
James Naismith invented the helmet and it was invented in 1893.
How was it originally used?
How is it used today?
It was originally used to protect the heads and brains of football players. Today it is used for the same purpose and also it can be an extra weapon of hitting.
My artifact is the American football helmet.
What are some innovations of this artifact since the original invention?
Some innovations wer the plastic and metal facemasks, the hard plastic shell, and the inflatable pads inside the helmet
How has the product impacted the society in a positive way
People have been able to play football with less injuries to the head and the fans of football like the minority of injuries
What area of technology best classifies the artifact?
Production engineering
How has this product impacted the society in a negative way?
There really isn't a negative impact on society with this product
Example Science Technology Engineering Math
Football Helmet
Create an object that can keep players safe while playing football.
Creting an object with a plastic shell with tough inflatable interior pads and attached metal facemask.
designing a tough cusioning object to put on football player's heads to keep from cuncussions and other head injuries.
What is the legnth/width of it, diameter of the inside, and shape of exterior.
"The plastic shelled helmet were stronger, more durable and lighter than leather helmets, and it wouldn't rot or mildew the way they did when damp. It also had a revolutionary web suspension inside it." -Beau Riffenburgh
The Biblioraphy
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