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can animals produce an electrical charge

No description

xabriah young-glenn

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of can animals produce an electrical charge

Can they help generate electricity Jellyfish ~ Conclusion~ Can animals help generate electricity When you feel that little shock come from a jellyfish's tentacles its not a shock its just the way you respond to the venom that the jelly fish is exerting on you even though the jelly fish
seem to apply a shock
when contact is made at
the bottom its just the
venom being released not
an electrical charge eels generates large electric currents by a highly specialized nervous system carries a negative charge, but acts as a battery [- +] each cell generates about 0.15 volts of electricity , all together 600 volts of electricity can be generated for just a short pulse jellyfish wouldn't be able to help generate electricity because they don't have any electric charge in them to attempt to create electricity. EELS ~ Stingrays~ eels cells all together produce
a charge of 600 volts , that's
more than 50 time needed to power a car even though it may seem as
some animals give off an electrical charge when they do it might be enough to generate electricity and some times it really isn't electricity at all. They don't actually
STING at all !! a sting ray can't help generate electricity . They don't produce an electrical charge in the first place , they produce venom that comes from its spine and onto their pointy tail that can be very dangerous to any living thing in any type of self defense A stingray wouldn't be able to generate electricity because they don't produce electricity in the first place
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