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Biography of Mustafa El-Shahidi

Mustafa's personal and educational informations.

Mustafa El-Shahidi

on 8 September 2012

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Transcript of Biography of Mustafa El-Shahidi

I was born in Salt Lake City,
Utah, USA in 1999. I moved to Cairo at the age of 4. I have attended several schools Iqra Academy, Nefertari, Cairo International College, Roots and finally Hayah. My hobbies are Soccer,
Swimming and Traveling. In the future I want to be a soccer player and a cardiologist. The legend of Mustafa El-Shahidi I have traveled to several interesting countries Sweden, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Germany and Italy. I have specially enjoyed my visits to Germany and Italy because I got an experience from doctors and was alone with my father. My father, Ehab AbdelRahman is a professor of physics and the associate dean for graduate studies and research, school of sciences and engineering, AUC. He is also the director of Yousef Jameel science and technology research center. My mother, Iman El-Shahidi is a teacher here at Hayah. I have one brother his name is Omar he is a high scholar, he's in grade 10 he was on the honor roll since he was in grade 8.
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