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The Legislative Branch

No description

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch
Important People
When the Constitution was made the Framers made three branches of the government. The Legislative Branch has a Senate and a House of Representatives. They are elected. Senates serve for about six years. As one article on Senates states, "Elections for the Senate are held every 2 years, with about a third of the Senate being up for re-election each time." (The Senate). The Legislative Branch also has a House Representatives. They have 435 members and serve for two years. Elections for the members are held every even number year November. With all the work they do they should be awarded.
What Did They Do?
Topic Summary
The Legislative Branch is the most important branch. They make the laws to keep us safe. A Senate and a House Of Representatives make up the Legislative Branch. The Framers, who made the constitution made The Legislative Branch. Article 1 of the constitution explains about the Legislative Branch.
Important Facts
The Legislative Branch has important things that make it a branch in the government. The Legislative Branch works for making laws. As our history textbook, Making A New Nation, "The legislative branch would make the laws" (Macmillan/McGraw-Hill) They also are able to sign or veto laws. The also have the power to pass laws and approve spending taxes. Congress are also able to decide whether laws are constitutional. Like all the other branches the Legislative is only allowed to do their own job.
Why Is It Important
The Legislative Branch is important because they protect us by making laws. They also manage how we manage we our spending taxes. This branch also affects us in our daily lives. I will talk about it right now.
How Does It Effect Us
Well, the Legislative Branch has the power to declare war. They also make laws to protect us and make sure everyone is safe. Our spending taxes are in their hands. Managing the governments money is also their duty. As you can see the Legislative Branch affects us in very important way.
Today You Will Learn All About The Legislative Branch
Important Dates
This is a calender of what the Legislative Branch.


This shows that important dates the Legislative Branch go through.
The important people have and had a big impact in the Legislative Branch. The Framers created the constitution which made the Legislative Branch. Also, it has a Government Printing Office. As it states in Wikipedia " The United States Government Printing Office is an agency of the legislative branch of the United States federal government. The office prints documents produced by and for the federal government, including the Supreme Court, the Congress, the Executive Office of the President, executive departments, and independent agencies." (Wikipedia) Legislative Branches also consists of a Library of Congress. They are a research library that serve the United States Congress. They do very important things.
- Making A New Nation:
Banks, James, Colleary, Kenvin, Cunha, Stephen, Echevarria, Jana, Parker, Walter, Rawls, James, Salinas, Rosalia, Schell, Emily, Making A New Nation. New York, New York: Macmillian/
Mcgraw-Hill, 2007
- The Constitution For Kids
- Legislative Branch For Kids
- Congress For Kids
-How Does Congress Get Elected
-2014 Tentatvive Legislative Calender
By KiKi & Belle- Belle
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