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How immigrants illegally cross the border?


alex wilson

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of How immigrants illegally cross the border?

This is how they cross the border. How immigrants illegally cross the border. Some countries build walls on the
border.As you can see though
they don't always work. This guy is risking it all for his family. Some people will cross over
fence's or toss family members over them. These people are very smart . You might end
up like this guy. Please don't cross
the border illegally. Sometimes they
have troops watching the border. They stuff some people in trunks or hide people in cars. This is one way people cross illegally. Some people cross the border
the right way like in cars.The license plates are checked to make sure they're good people. This prezi was
made by Alex Wilson. You have made
it to Saturn.
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