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Critical Analysis On Education System of Pakistan

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ushna khan

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Critical Analysis On Education System of Pakistan

Critical Thinking Critical Analysis On Education
System of Pakistan Contents Introduction
Educational System
Pros and Cons
Critical analysis
Diversity in forms of Education
Basic Structure
Literacy Rate
Economic Issues
Solutions Introduction We will be critically analyzing the:

Basic structure of education system of Pakistan.

Contradiction in forms of education.

Arguments and Problems of the system.

Critical analysis

And conclusion. Our Education system Basic Structure of Education System Why Pakistan has Poor Education System? Reasons for poor education system in Pakistan:

We do not believe in actual worth of education.

We have insufficient funds.

Limited access to education and educational facilities.

Private –public division.

Corruption. Diversity in Forms of Education in Pakistan Today in Pakistan there are two different sectors of education; that is, public sector and private sector.

In public sector, the quality of education is near to zero.

There are almost no facilities available to the students.

While in private sectors, the students are more intellectual than students studying in govt. schools. Group Members: Ushna khan - 1211
Nafeesa Qasim – 871
M. Salman ullah Khan - 815
Safi Ahmed – 859
Fawad Ahmed - 489 The education sector of Pakistan is facing multilateral problems but why is that so?

To be a good critical thinker we have to find the root cause of having this poor system.

For some, Education may be defined as the increase in stock of skills, knowledge & understanding gained by an individual.

But when we look at our students, unfortunately they do not possess these qualities.

Reasons are many but simply, the failure of our educational system. Some other problems are: Why focusing on university education specifically.

Craze of acquiring English resulting in ignorance of our national language.

Trying to make education system like developed countries but are unaware of the fact that Pakistan do not have much resources.

Our base is not like those flourished countries.

Illiteracy Why Specifically Focusing
on University Education? Criticism Criticism To improve the quality of higher education.

Primary education has been ignored since the independence of Pakistan.

Not only primary but the standard of middle and secondary education is out of focus.

The main attention of the government and private sectors is on university programs and it’s betterment. Primary education is the base for developing the nation. And it’s ignorance leads to the unemployment and downfall of the country. Critical Analysis According to The Time of Pakistan:

There are 154000 primary schools with 420000 teachers do exist in both the urban and rural areas of Pakistan

Majority of them are two or three classes of school buildings where nursery to five class education is given.

About 60% of population of Pakistan acquire education from which about 40% is included in primary section. Now it is quite clear from the statistics, that our main focus should be primary, secondary and higher secondary education.

Because the majority of our students were in these classes i.e., almost 70%.

But in rural areas 49% our student are getting education in public sector in which quality of education is completely zero.

Private schools are also not available, so people don’t send there children to school result in an increase in illiteracy rate. There are five education levels operating in Pakistan:
Primary education.
Middle education.
High schooling education.
Intermediate education.
University education. According to the census of year 2009, the total literacy rate of Pakistan is 57%.

But it is increasing day by day due to increase in population.

The public sector of big cities of Pakistan can not even speak their own language properly. Due to:

Lack of awareness

Insufficient budget allotted

Increase in privatization.

A country which is placed amidst the third world countries, how can it afford such expensive education. Record of literacy rate all over the Pakistan is given Budget Problem Pakistan is an under developed country.

So that’s why it is required that we should spend most of our budget on education.

But unfortunately we are spending only 1.4% of our budget on education.

Resultingly in becoming 126 position in the world ranking. First of all we should increase our education budget , only then we should expect that literacy rate would be decrease.

Two different education sector is simply the violation of constitution so, we need to have unity in our education system.

Main focus should be primary education not university level because our majority exist there.

Good governance is to increase education budget from 2.5 % of GDP to 8% of GDP.

To increase education budget it means the government will have no constraint of financing but, instead of, government will be able to meet cope education matters according to its need.

To improve education, a sound and unanimous education policy is indispensable.

Though, after passing of 18th Amendment Bill in the Constitution of Pakistan, education ministry ultimately became a provincial subject

implementation of education Policy 2009. According to the education Policy 2009, the Government of Pakistan declares that it will ensure education for all and will increase literacy rate from 67 to 87% till the end of 2015. Further says that university enrollment will be brought to 1.5 million from 01 million. Solution for our Problems When we talk about the provinces of Punjab, we see a huge difference even in their literacy rate.

All the provinces are not having an equal system of Education.
It is proved by the statistical record given below. Criticism on Literacy Rate of Pakistan
All constraints in education system in Pakistan require sincere efforts to resolve administrative and management problems by the effectiveness of the government of Pakistan.

Pakistan experiences a country of religious intolerance and much more multi-crisis land. War on terror since 2001; have revealed the administrative flaws in the administrative machinery of Pakistan.

It is time that the current Government of Pakistan must tackle education problem because illiteracy is even threat to democracy.

Nelson Mandela said; if you want o change the World, remember education is the only way o change the World. Conclusion Private sector and public sector Violation of our constitution
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