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How Does Body Image Influence Food Choices

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Evan Fong

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of How Does Body Image Influence Food Choices

How Does Body Image Influence Food Choices
Issues for Girls

Body image affects food choices for girls because girls usually want to look good and skinny like models in teen magazines so they usually skip main meals and eat a lot less then they usually do so they will feel much more tired because they are doing a large amount of exercise but but only eating a few fruits and skipping main meals so they will feel really exhausted which is a lot more unhealthy then not doing as much exercise and eating all your main meals.
Issues for Boys

Body image affects food choices for boys because usually guys want to be fit and strong but what they do to try to look healthier is that they eat less which is bad because your body needs energy and if your body doesn't have any energy to use it will start eating at your muscle mass which is worse because instead if looking fit you will look tired, weak and much more skinny then before.
Positive Ways that Body Image Affects Food Choices
By: Evan Fong
Negative Ways that Body Image affects Food Choices
There are many negative ways body image affects food choices because if you have a unhealthy looking body then you would obviously try to look more healthy which is a problem because most people think that if they were to look more fit then they would eat less which is wrong because if you skip your main meals that your body needs then you would just be more unhealthy and exhausted and also you might eat much more healthy like fruits and vegetables which is good but you also do a lot more exercise which would also cause you to be unhealthy because you would be losing muscle mass.
There are many positive ways a healthy body image would affect your food choices because usually when you have a healthy body that means that you usually eat healthy/make healthy food choices/do a good amount of exercise everyday. Also having a healthy body gives you a boost of self-esteem which is really important because then you won't skip main meals and do a lot more exercise then you need to make your body exhausted.
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