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Mughal Empire Trading Routes

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Hami Candassato

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Mughal Empire Trading Routes

Trading with the Europians
In the 17th century, the Portuguese, English, and the Dutch were starting to trade with the Mughal empire. The Mughals were interested in the other countries' religions and studied about the history of them. Also the Mughals were interested in communicating with the other Islamic empires- Ottoman and Saffavid. Akbar, the ruler of the Mughals welcomed the Portuguese Jesuits, and Portuguese entered the trade with the Indian goods.
What they were trading
The first trading with the Europeans were the alcohol drinks. The Mughals were overusing alcohols, so they got a lot from the Western-Europe. Also, they were trading hemp (a plant for making fabric) for textiles, and the two main crops traded were sugarcane and cotton.
Trade with Asia
Mughals were trading a large variety of goods. The foods they were trading were rice, sugar, and oil, and materials were cotton and indigo. They were trading in Asia, but they used ships to carry them. The most important one was the textiles. Mughals made a high quality textiles, so that made Mughals earn money much more.
Mughal Empire Trade
By Hami the penguin
Jesuits=a man who is a member of a religious group called the Roman Catholic Society of Jesus


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