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Art Education

No description

Heidi Causey

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Art Education




Presented by Art Educators:
Heidi Causey
and Ari'elle Robinson

Apps for Teachers
This blog offers a wide arrange of fun Art projects ideas, a good resources for teachers to draw creative ideas for lessons plans from.

This blog is run by an everyday K-12 art teacher and icludes step-by-step lessons(with pictures) that she has done with various grade level. She also features classroom organization tips for storing art materials.

Websites for Teachers
Websites for Students
Websites for Students
Harmony is a very basic, simple only drawing tool that allows the students to create unique and interesting piece of art.
Awesome artists a wonderful resourses that has projects for students to do as well as a free printable coloring book.
Art Education Journal
Studies in Art Education: A Journal of Issues and Research in Art Education
Screen recording
Screen recording
This presentation was created using Prezi. This Presentation was created by Arielle and Heidi in Educ 310, fall 2013.
This website includes a lot of resources for art teachers including sample art lessons, links to art blogs, art games, as well as art news and articles.
Similar to the above website, but contains art classes, online workshops, and hosts an annual online Art of Education conference.

allows kids to paint on photos/canvas with an endless selection of bright colors and brushes. Artwork can be stored, work can be continued at any time, and can even be played in a slide show.

Sketchbook Express
- a free drawing app that is almost an exact replica of the drawing software for the computer. Gives students a resource for digital painting that imitates some of the best digital software out.

Apps for Students
Websites for Teachers
The Five Pencil Method is a wonderful Website by the Artist DarrelTank. The website could be used teachers. The website offers Free tutorials for the teacher as well as store that allows for more in-depth lessons to be bought.

Dickblick is a good website for art teachers. This site is an Art supply resource as well as a resource for art lesson plans.

Research Journal
Art Education is the official journal of the National Art Education Association. This research journal covers a range of topics dealing with the subject relating to Art Educations. The journal is published twice a month in full-color. Each issue contains lesson plans and Instructional resources.
A quarterly journal that reports on quantitative, qualitative, historical, and philosophical research in art education.
This includes explorations of theory and practice in the areas of
art production, art criticism, aesthetics, art history
, human development, curriculum instruction, and assessment.
NAEA members get full acess.
MoMA Abstract Expressionism Tour App Bamboo Paper App
This website includes interactive games for K-6 grades that allow students to explore paintings, compare/contrast art styles, and introduces them to several art terms.
This website's NGAkids Art Zone allows students to play a variety of interactive games exploring concepts like still lifes, abstract painting, mobile art, and collage

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