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Entertainment Marketing Director

No description

Triston Bivins

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Entertainment Marketing Director

Job Description
Managing performances, events, artists, and entertainers. An entertainment manager usually books venues, managing, negotiating contracts and fees, booking performers, etc. It is international. You could have a job in America and have to go to Japan for it.
Entertainment Marketing Director
By: Jared Goodman and Triston Bivins

Types of Jobs They can Do or Have
They can do the following jobs:
1. Negotiate Contracts
2. Plan advertising
3. Develop pricing strategies
4. Meet with their clients to provide advise
4. Work with staff or managers to discuss topics such as contracts, plans for marketing, budget cuts, and what they are going to advertise in the media.
5. Sketch marketing plans.
Entry Level Yearly Salary: $88,590
Hourly: $30.76
Yearly: $115,750
Hourly: $55.65
All salaries are based off of "averages."
Training and Education Requirements
To be a marketing director you need a Bachelor's Degree. Work experience you need experience in advertising, marketing, promotions, or sales.
Personality Traits and Skills Required
1. Be Outgoing
2. Have plenty of connections
3. Speak with authority
4. Have money sense
5. Get good results
6. Know the market
7. You listen well
8. Be able to work well with teams.
Types of Entertainment that Offers this Career
There are of all kinds of entertainment businesses
that offer this career. There are places like WBTV.
Some people that work in entertainment that need
marketing for things like world tours or concerts.
People like Imagine Dragons need that.
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