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To Da-Duh in Memoriam

No description

Amy Stuart

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of To Da-Duh in Memoriam

To Da-Duh in Memoriam
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The story is a tribute to the spirit of the grandmother which enabled her to live happily in her country, following age old customs.

However, it also symbolises the death of these same customs at the hands of the western, colonial world.
The Title
Imagery and the Effect of Language
Literary Techniques
Literary Techniques
Literary Techniques
Literary Techniques
Paule Marshall
The dominant theme is the inevitable comparison between rural areas of the Caribbean and the imposing urban world of New York.

Colonisation is tied up in other themes such as rural vs urban and the conflict between the ages. It is also seen in Marshall's characterisation of Da-Duh and her young granddaughter.

Da-Duh's fear of technology and the manner in which she compares life in Barbados to American ignorance demonstrate her lack of ability to adapt in a modernising global world.
Rural vs Urban
Modernity vs Traditions
First person
narrative from the
point of view
of woman of Barbadian heritage looking back at her 9 year old self.

Language - Use of dialect


Times of maturity in her ability to reflect and regret.

Foreshadowing of Da-Duh's downfall.

Knowledge of the modern world

Confident - in herself, her home and its culture

Represents the modern, colonising world

Naive of the effects of her words
Double - full of paradox

Knowledge of the traditional, indigenous world

Confident in herself, her home and its culture

Represents the traditional and colonised world

Killed by her inability to adapt and the defeat suffered by her country/culture
Language and the imagery created within it are the driving force behind Da-Duh's death and the ideological conflict* between her and the narrator.

Consider the impact of the narrator's description of New York and her ability to defend her culture against her grandmother's repetitive and imposing questions.

* ideological conflicts include race, colonisation and globalisation
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